Gelish Once Upon a Dream Collection 2014

Gelish Once Upon a Dream Collection Swatches by Chickettes.comHi Everyone!  I’m back from vacation and I have swatches of the new Gelish Once Upon a Dream Collection for you!  I am really excited to see some pastels in the mix.  Below are my swatches, each has three coats of color.  The formula of the polishes was great and they applied with ease.  I will report back in a couple of days with comparison photos and any fading reports.

This is My One Blue Love, a soft baby blue.  This is definitely a unique color in the Gelish line, no other blues are anything like it.  This is my personal favorite of the bunch, but you know I’m a total sucker for blues!

Gelish My One Blue Love - Once Upon a Dream CollectionGelish My One Blue Love - Once Upon a Dream CollectionThis is Kiss Me, I’m a Prince, a minty pastel green.  The only color that is close to this one is Seafoam, so I’ll be sure to compare them.  Kiss Me, I’m a Prince is a bit lighter/brighter than Seafoam.

Gelish Kiss Me, I'm a Prince - Once Upon a Dream CollectionGelish Kiss Me, I'm a Prince - Once Upon a Dream CollectionAll Haile the Queen is a pinkish lilac shade.  It’s more pink than I was anticipating.  It’s similar to It’s a Lily, only lighter.  I’m very afraid that this one may be a fader, so I’ll keep an eye on it for a couple of days.  The color when it’s wet is more lilac than after it cures.  You can see the color difference when applying additional coats.

Gelish All Haile the Queen - Once Upon a Dream CollectionGelish All Haile the Queen - Once Upon a Dream CollectionOh What a Knight! is a shimmery metallic color that I would call a pinkish bronze.  I wasn’t sure that it worked well with my skin tone when I first applied it, but it grew on me.  It’s definitely a unique color and the finish is really nice.  Be careful when applying though because it could show some brush strokes.

Gelish Oh What a Knight! - Once Upon a Dream CollectionGelish Oh What a Knight! - Once Upon a Dream CollectionFairest of Them All is a gorgeous coral color, but was a bit hard to photograph. It may be slightly lighter in person than it appears in my pictures.  It’s darker than Sweet Morning Dew, but lighter than Tiger Blossom.

Gelish Fairest of Them All - Once Upon a Dream CollectionGelish Fairest of Them All - Once Upon a Dream CollectionAnd finally this is She’s My Beauty, which is a dusty rose shade.  I thought this color would have a little more pink in it.  It’s a bit dull for my taste.  It reminds me of Exhale, but is definitely lighter.  She’s My Beauty looks a lot like the Daisy gel shade that I just swatched called Butternut Squash.

Gelish She's My Beauty - Once Upon a Dream CollectionGelish She's My Beauty - Once Upon a Dream CollectionSo which ones are your favorites of the bunch?!  I love the pastels.

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31 Responses

  1. Aga says:

    Thank you for this review. I woud like to buy some of these colours and it’s very helpful

  2. Love the blue, mint and the pink!

  3. Zan says:

    Another new reader here. Stumbled into Gel polish after having a (sort of costly) Gel manicure in a salon. I thought to myself, ‘Now why couldn’t I do that myself?’ Turns out I can. I hit your blog for color swatches and advice, I just think you’re fabulous! Thanks much.

  4. Angie says:

    Gorgeous swatches, as always! Thank you for doing these.

  5. Arlene says:

    The Lilac and Blue are always my favorites. I am very interested to know whether either of them fade. Surprisingly, as I’m usually not a Green person, I like that shade. How similar to Mint of Spring is it? I’d like to know as I’ve recently purchased that shade. Lovely swatches. Why must they always come up with ways for me to spend, spend, spend?

  6. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi Andrea, yeah, any fading issues? Before I buy..especially the baby blue. ..thanks

  7. Suzanne says:

    Hi Andrea, where do you get your Gelish supplies from I would like to get some of the lovely new colors but it’s near impossible to get supplies in Ireland and when I can they are out of season :-(

  8. Andrea says:

    I will report back on fading issues. I literally just got these polishes yesterday and did all of the swatches in one day :) I have my swatch sticks sitting in a window to get light exposure.

  9. Andrea says:

    Ok, here’s the 24 hour update – All Haile the Queen and She’s My Beauty appear to fade. All Haile the Queen turns a lighter shade of pink (less lilac), and She’s My Beauty takes on a darker/browner tone.

  10. Andrea says:

    Loving the blue!!! I have been waiting for Gelish to come out with a sky blue color for a long time! Yay!

  11. Happilyeverlacquer says:

    First of all, I love you blog! i check it everyday. I have a horrible gelous addiction now. Anyway, I bought the Blue and the pink/purple one and immediately put them on. The pink/purple faded right away badly. It made me sad. The blue one I think has faded but I can’t tell for sure because I didn’t take a picture before. I can’t wait to see if they both faded on you.

    • Andrea says:

      The purple/pink one is definitely a fader. So far I haven’t noticed any difference in the blue – I’ve been wearing it for 2 days now. I’ll test it again this evening when I get home.

  12. Aisling says:

    So disappointed that there is a huge issue with fading. Thought they would of corrected this before they brought out more colours. Such a waste. We have so many that just sit there not been used.

  13. I love the green in this collection! :)

  14. Anna says:

    After seeing your swatches I actually am loving the coral and the glittery bronze! I love the mint green too but it’s so close to Seafoam I’m not sure I’ll invest in it or not. As always awesome post and thanks for all the info!

  15. Suzanne C. says:

    Can’t wait to try the blue, should be here tomorrow! Off topic, where do you get your stripping tape or what do you use to do stripes. I ordered some from Amazon but it peels up and is too thin! Help!

    • Andrea says:

      I got my striping tape from Amazon too. I don’t normally do manis where I leave the tape on, I just use it as a guide to paint clean lines.

  16. Jane says:

    A belated thanks for these swatches which I originally saw the day you posted them. I’ll be getting the blue.

    I have to say, though, I’m disappointed that Gelish didn’t go all out and do a whole range of pastels. Pastel yellow? A proper pastel red/orange? Peach? Etc. I’m thinking maybe I need to check out another brand. Would love a selection of pastels for spring. But I only have the Gelish LED lamp and am a bit reticent.

    I’ve not heard of any more plans for Gelish collections this year, have you?

  17. Christie says:

    These colors look great with the Gelish Matte Top Coat on them. :) They are very chalky looking and so so cool!

  18. Ros says:

    The Spring 2014 collection is beautiful, but have you seen the new summer collection? Tell us what you think.
    Also, stay tuned because we will be giving a Gelish Once Upon A Dream display set during the second half of May for being in business for 20 years! This is for any licensed beauty professional.

  19. Candy says:

    How does, “my one blue love” apply? Is it opaque in two coats? I’m looking for the perfect baby blue. Do you know the comparison to Lechat Perfect Match, “angel from above”? Thanks in advance!

    • Andrea says:

      If I remember correctly, I found it to be a touch spotty with two coats and applied three. I don’t have Angel From Above for comparison.

  20. Erin says:

    Love your blog! I only buy colors you swatch. Oh What a Knight is one of my favorite colors overall. I’m curious if you have a color similar to that one that leans more towards silver that you would recommend?