Red & Gold Chevron Holiday Nails

This is the manicure that I wore to a formal holiday party last evening. My dress was black, white and red and I wanted to add a little more red to the mix on my nails and gold was the perfect accent. My thumb and ring finger have two coats of Gelish Meet the King and I added some loose gold glitter for some extra bling (Jingle Bells mix from AFC). I applied the glitter into the tacky layer of the gold polish and then applied two coats of Gelish TIO to ensure that my nails were nice and smooth.

On the other fingers I applied two coats of Gelish Spicy Fortune and one coat of Good Gossip to add some red shimmer. Then I wiped the tacky layer and placed scotch tape on my nails, blocking off the red portions of the nail and applied 2 coats of Meet the King on the exposed triangle (curing after each coat). I then added the Jingle Bells glitter to the the tacky layer of the gold polish and then removed the tape. I applied two coats of Gelish TIO on these nails as well. I know it sounds like a lot of layers of polish, but I applied thin coats and my nails don’t look or feel bulky at all.

My photos don’t really do this manicure justice because they don’t capture the awesome glittery shimmer.  I also wanted to mention that Spicy Fortune is a hard color to find since it was limited edition.  You could also just use three coats of Good Gossip, or use Hot Rod or Red Roses as the base instead. Red & Gold Chevron Holiday Nails Red & Gold Chevron Holiday Nails Red & Gold Chevron Holiday Nails

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8 Responses

  1. McStargazer says:

    GORGEOUS!! I can’t wait to have long nails to try everything you blog about!

    I have been trying to grow out my nails (2.5 months) I discovered nail stamping as fun and whimsical though I cannot do much since the nails are still shy of the finger tips. I hear about getting a gel mani & LOVED it but seemed that I wasn’t going to be able to use the nail stamp plates! Wrong! I recently found your wonderful blog with a wealth of knowledge of how to combine the two! I’m only into the 10th day of the gel manicure using OPI. Now, I can’t wait to get a Christmas red gel and do the nail stamping! Thank you for your inspiration and for combining “two art forms” to make a great one.

    I wish there were a site for us girls new to nails, nail polish, etc. Only invested in the 1st generation Winstonia plates so far. Now, I’m researching home gel manicures kits etc. The lasting power really helps growing the nails out.!!!

    • Andrea says:

      I’m glad you found my site. There’s so much you can do with gel polish and it will definitely help you grow your nails out! :)

      • ruth coleman says:

        Im really glad I found your website too Andrea! It is now on my daily read list and it realy helps me choose new colours to buy, how else can you see what they are really like!
        Thank you!!!!!

  2. ann says:


    have you see the colors off the trend collection?
    GREAT if you can do some swaches off them
    i order the color SWEET,
    are they covering??????????

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Ann. I have a few of the Gelish Trends, and you can see them here:
      I just ordered a few more and will add more swatches and info as I am able. Thanks!

      • Jane says:

        Looking forward to seeing more Gelish Trends swatches (they seem rather absent on the internet, and you do the best onea!). Do you also have plans to show us The Snow Escape collection?

        I really like the Spicy Fortune and Meet the King colours. I would have bought them a while back but, sadly (inexplicably), they were never available in the UK.

  3. Anna says:

    How do you wipe the tacky layer off without removing the color? Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      A little bit of color may wipe off onto your lint-free pad/wipe, but the color is cured – it shouldn’t come off.