Gelish Trends Line

Gelish released a new line of polish that they are calling “Trends” on October 1st. There are 16 new polishes that are inspired by the latest fashion trends. I’ve seen very little information published about the Trends line, but the Gelish MINI Facebook page has some swatches. The MINI versions are available at Sally Beauty Supply. I went to my local Sally’s today and picked up three of them, two glitter toppers and the new Matte Top It Off.

I created this look by applying two coats of Gelish Artic Freeze on each nail, and then two coats of one of the new Trends glitter toppers called Lots of Dots. Lots of Dots reminds me of the little sprinkles that you use to decorate cookies or cupcakes. It’s loaded with tiny dots of different colors. So fun! I stamped a chevron pattern onto the accent finger and my thumb using Jumbo Plate #5 from the new Cheeky collection and a green stamping polish. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use your Top It Off over the glitter toppers, but I did anyway for good measure. Gelish Trends - Lots of Dots & Green Chevron

Here is a quick picture of the three Trends that I picked up today.  The far left swatch is three coats of Gelish Black Shadow with the new Matte Top It Off over it.  I applied a few dots of the regular Top It Off to demonstrate the difference.  When I first applied and cured the Matte TIO I thought it still looked shiny, but once I wiped off the tacky layer and let it dry the matte finish was really noticeable.  I’m looking forward to playing with this some more.  The middle swatch is Lots of Dots (two coats), also seen above.  And the right one is Candy Shop (two coats), a glitter topper filled with blue and green glitter of different sizes.  This one has a lot more of the micro glitter than I was hoping, and not as many of the larger hexes.

Gelish Trends Swatches

I would love to see more swatches of the Trends, so if you’ve picked any of them up, please share! :)

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17 Responses

  1. This is too cute, I love it! The white nails look just like cupcakes and the chevron is the perfect birthday party accent :)

  2. madlen says:

    is this dots are a new gelish colour? what is it?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Woo Hoo ! I have been waiting, biting my nails, for you to post some of the swatches for the Trends collection. I ran to Sally’s as soon as they released, but had a hard time deciding what to buy without seeing your swatches. I also purchased Lots of Dots, and the Matte Top It Off. I almost purchased Candy Shop, but I purchased A Pinch of Pepper instead.
    I really love your site. I use it to keep track of the colors that I have. When I visit Sally’s I pull your swatch gallery right up on my phone and it helps me choose the colors I want.

    • Andrea says:

      That’s great! I was handing out blog business cards at Sally’s yesterday. LOL I wish I could afford to buy them all, but they’re so expensive.

  4. Ann says:

    Ohhh guuuurl I got one on my blog! I put up Life of the Party on my most recent post. I also picked up Pinch of Pepper and wanna add it to that post tonight. :)

    What do you think about the Matte Top It Off? I think I kinda love it. And I noticed the same thing you did – about the tacky layer being shiny. Word of caution: I did some striping using striping tape and the Matte TIO on the swatch wheel. I put down a Gelish color, regular TIO, striping tape, another Gelish color, then matte TIO (I wanted shiny stripes!). I peeled off the first few pieces of tape without a problem, then I thought, “oh, I’ll wipe the tacky layer before I finish peeling the rest of the tape off”. OMG wiping the tacky layer turned that Matte TIO into a rock — I couldn’t get the rest of the striping tape to peel off!

    Also, you’ve gotta try doing some nail art with Matte TIO and your CND additives.

  5. Claire says:

    I wonder when these are available in the UK?

  6. Amber says:

    Lots of Dots reminds me of candy sprinkles. Love this release! I need to get to Sally’s to see if I can find the green/blue glitter topper!

  7. Tracey says:

    I’m dying for the Matte TIO. Someone had full size on Amazon for less than a day but the listing is gone now. My Sallys doesn’t have any of this yet, and the girl told me, “Maybe November.” Wah! I hate paying full retail for those Mini bottles.

  8. Charity says:

    I saw this post and then ran to my Sally’s on lunch and got the LAST bottle they had of Lots of Dots, as well as the Matte Top it Off and Are You Feeling It. Love love love. And can I just say, your blog is the reason I even got into gel polish. :)

  9. Juli says:

    Thanks for posting the swatches. I really enjoy seeing your Gelish Nail Art. I love Gelish, but have been a bit stumped as to doing art with it. I just got the Trends “A Pinch Of Pepper” and “Let Me Top You Off” at Sally’s. My Sally’s has a buy two Mini’s get a free Mini Top It Off. Unfortunately, you can’t get the Matte TIO, :( But a free TIO is great! I almost got the “Lots Of Dots” and now after looking at your swatch I am glad I didn’t as I see it doesn’t have bigger glitter in it. I am hoping the LMTYO has bigger pieces.

  10. Staceyzara says:

    I love this !! I can’t wait for the trends to be released in the uk in November !! Can I just ask what colour of green stampinh polish you used its soo nice x

  11. Tammy says:
    The silver nails (index and pinky) have “Midnight Caller” with the new Trends polish “Am I making you Gelish?” over it. The middle finger has “Cashmere Kind of Gal” with the new Trends polish “A Pinch of Pepper” over. The thumb and ring finger have “Black Shadow” with new Trends polish “Concrete Couture” over.

  12. Laura says:

    Hey, Andrea. I keep looking up pictures of “Lots of Dots” and wondering, “Is there orange in it?” I keep hoping it’s a full rainbow, but either way, it’s cute. :)

  13. Natalie says:

    How did you get the Lots of Dots to look like that with just two coats? I have been using gel polish for years, and I bought that one yesterday and I had to put SO much on to get any dots, that it was running all over my fingers and making a mess. When I tried doing regular coats I got less than 5 dots on each finger!