Gelish Colors of Paradise Tie Dye Nail Art

I have so many ideas for nail art with these new bright summer colors!  This is the first idea that I played with.  This mani uses almost all of the colors from the Gelish Colors of Paradise collection except for the pink shade (see my swatches here).  I didn’t intend for the end result to look like tie dye, but that’s what it reminds me of.  I feel like the two center nails need big peace signs on them.  I really want to try do some gradients, so that might be my next challenge (gel polish gradients can be tricky!).

For this mani I painted the index finger and pinky in solid blue using Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away.  I’m absolutely crazy about this color.  On the middle two fingers I applied a green base using Gelish Lime All the Time, and then I took a dotting tool and dragged some other colors onto the nail from the outside in.  For the first coat I used teal and orange using Gelish Rub Me the Sarong Way and Gelish Rockin’ the Reef.  After curing those colors, I applied a second layer of colors using the same technique of pulling the colors from the outside in.  This layer was purple and blue using Gelish Tahiti Hottie and Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away.  I flash cured a few times during the process to make sure the lines didn’t spread out too much since gel polish usually levels out when left uncured.  It looks more crisp in person.

I’m still working on the Colors of Paradise comparisons as well.  I’m trying to do an accurate fade test to include with that write-up so I need to leave the colors exposed to the light for a few days to see how they hold up.  I hope to have that ready for you by Sunday. Nail Art using the Gelish Colors of Paradise Nail Art using the Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection

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16 Responses

  1. Lisa L says:

    How much color do you apply before doing the dragging? Just a small strip?

    I love the look, I want it so much!

    • Andrea says:

      I just put a dab of polish on the dotting tool and then pressed it onto the outside of the nail and pulled it inward quickly and repeated several times.

  2. These look fantastic Andrea (great name too!!)…..I quite often try out some of your designs and this one is a definite MUST TRY! I will have to improvise on colours but should be fairly similar!
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Andrea x

  3. Jessica R says:

    Did You Cure The Lime Before Dragging The Other Colors?

  4. MiraL says:

    I love this design!

  5. Mal Timmons says:

    It’s lovely Andrea…..

  6. Vic says:

    I’m totally in love with this!

  7. Suzanne says:

    This is amazing my kind of colors :-) now all i have to do is try it myself lol thanks Andrea your ideas are fantastic.

  8. Lisa L says:

    I found the lines came out too thick. Did you use a very small tipped dotting tool?

  9. Jules says:

    That tie dyed nail art is sooooo pretty! I love the color combos for I find it unique and classy. Love it!

  10. Jolien says:

    wow this looks great

  11. Laura says:

    What is the small tip dotting tool and where would I find one?

  12. Sonal says:

    Hi Andrea
    I love your work. The best way to do a neon gel gradation for eg. Orange to Pink is apply a base of white and then apply your orange (no. of coats required) and then dab white on the tips like you would do for gradation with regular polish and after curing the white dab the pink on top of the white. I normally apply a coat of Gelish Vegas Nights on all my gradations. That way the gradation is super smooth. Check out my instagram & facebook for Nail art with Gelish – @vermilionnailspa