Fall 2014 Gel Polish Collections

It’s mid-summer here and I’m still enjoying soaking up the sun, and the bright, bold colors of summer.  I’m not quite ready for fall yet, but alas it’s almost upon us.  During my trip to Cosmoprof North America I learned about several new collections that will be coming out this fall.  Below is a quick preview of the upcoming collections.  As expected, the fall colors are darker and richer, with shades of plum, brown, dark green and grey.  Most of these collections will be available for purchase in July or August.

Gelish Get Color-Fall Collection:  Six new shades inspired by the brilliant colors of nature in the fall.  Below is a photo of the display for this collection, and a photo of the swatches that I prepared.  I will be swatching the whole collection in the near future.

gelish-color-fallgelish-color-fall-collectionLeChat Pop of Vogue Collection:  “Strike a pose with these 6 NEW glitters and reveal the fashionista in  you!” Coming at the end of August.

LeChat Rustic Retreat Collection:  “Escape to the beautiful outdoors with these 6 NEW earthy woodland shades.” Coming at the end of July.

lechat-fall-collectionsThe photo above shows the displays for these two new collections from LeChat.  The color wheel below actually shows the colors from these two collections, and the colors from the Mermaid Treasures collection (see my post about this collection here).  The six glitters at the bottom of the wheel are the new Pop of Vogue glitters.  The six colors next to the glitters (on the left) are from the Rustic Retreat Collection  The remaining six colors (top right) are the Mermaid Treasures colors.

lechat-perfect-matchLeChat is also releasing 12 new Mood color changing gel polishes!  The photo below is the color wheel, which unfortunately doesn’t demonstrate the color shifts well.  You can find more information about the 12 new shades on the LeChat website.  Coming in mid-August.

lechat-moodsibd Floral Metric Collection: 6 creamy shades and 2 glitters.  Coming in August.

ibd-floral-metricibd Neo Romantique Collection: 6 shades and 2 glitters.  Coming in September.

ibd-neo-romantiqueGel II Foggy London Collection:  This collection features 5 new shades, and two shades from their original line that are being brought back by popular demand.  Coming in August.

gelii-foggy-londonProGel Pretty in Punk Collection: 8 new metallic and modern shades.  Available by the beginning of September.

progel-pretty-in-punkEzFlow TruGel Mystic Nights Collection: 6 dramatic smokey hues.  Coming in July.

trugel-mystic-nightsEzFlow TruGel Stardust Dreams Collection: 6 new glitter toppers. Coming in August.

trugel-stardust-dreamsIn addition to the collections, some lines are also releasing new gel polish shades…

Gelaze is releasing 23 new shades, many of which you may already be familiar with from the China Glaze regular nail polish line.

gelaze-1gelaze-2Jessica GELeration is releasing 12 new gel polish shades.  I didn’t get a swatch photo, but the 12 shades are: Electric Teal, Viva La Lime Lights, Argon Blue, Pretty in Purple, Shock Me Red, Pink Diamonds, Bikini Bottoms, Pink Shockwaves, Yellow Lightning, Creamy Caramel, Palladium, and Black Lustre.

jessica-12-new-shadesEssie is releasing 25 new gel polish shades. (Click to view larger).

essie-new-gel-shadesAnd Entity1 is releasing 23 new shades!


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8 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    OMG, such an informative post! New shades are so promising and there is still time to choose favorite colors to order as soon as they are released :) thank you so much for all this pictures!

  2. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to see some of these! Question, with the exception of Gelish and Gelaze where is the best place to get some of these when they are released? Amazon or specific retailer websites? Thanks!

  3. Ursula says:

    Thanks for all the colorful pics! I do see something I MUST have – ProGel, Grunged Groupie, looks amazing!

  4. NancySyd says:

    Wow! This is really an impressive report. I love the way you lay out the facts and the photos, nice and big and clear. It’s incredibly helpful. You are my go-to resource. Thanks.

  5. NMeyer says:

    Question: Does Essie gel cure in your Gelish 18G? I’ve heard it will only cure in Essie’s LED UV light so I’m wondering if it will cure in my Gelish 5-45…. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  6. Alissa says:

    Do you know when the new Gelaze colours will be released?