Daisy Duo Glitter Gel Polishes

Daisy Duo Gel Polish Swatches by Chickettes.com

I have a few new Daisy gel polishes that were sent to me by Esther’s Nail Center. Each of these polishes has a clear base with small matte glitters that build up to opacity in two or three coats. They come in Daisy Duo sets that include a free matching nail lacquer as well, and they are two-step gels that don’t require a base coat. There is an optional base coat available. I personally prefer to use a base with two-step gels for easier removal.

These glitter gel polishes are very fun! You can use them as a topper over another color or build them up in layers as I’ve done here for a unique look.

Bubble Pop has pale purple and silver holographic glitter.  This swatch shows two coats of Bubble Pop over my natural nails.  The little dark spots are the holographic glitters that aren’t reflecting in the photo, but there aren’t any visible dark spots in person.
Daisy Duo - Bubble Pop - swatch by Chickettes.comTropical Waterfall has small teal blue and black glitter and cures to a matte finish.  I topped it with a glossy top coat to give it a shiny appearance, but these polishes also look neat with a matte finish.  This swatch is also two coats.

Daisy Duo - Tropical Waterfall - swatch by Chickettes.comKool Berry has small reddish-pink and holographic silver glitter.  I applied three coats of this glitter to get better coverage.  When I glanced at my nails it looked like dark pink polish with some silver holo flecks.  I almost couldn’t tell that it was individual glitter pieces unless I looked closely.

Daisy Duo - Kool Berry - swatch by Chickettes.comCheck out some other new Daisy Duo swatches at The Dalai Lama’s Nails.  Hannah also conducted a full review with a wear test!

The Daisy Duo gels can be purchased at Esther’s Nail Center.

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  1. Thresa says:

    These are pretty! Thank you for the nice swatches. :-).