New Daisy Duo Shades & Base Coat

Daisy Gel Polish released several new colors in the Daisy Duo line, and I have three of them to share with you today!  Daisy Duos are two-step gel polishes that can be applied without a base coat, and they each come with a matching regular nail lacquer shade.  They just released an optional base coat which helps aid in the removal process.  I plan to conduct a full wear test of the Daisy Duos with and without the base coat in the near future, but I did test the soak-off using the new base coat and it was fantastic.  The polish and base peeled off in sheets after just 7-8 minutes of soaking in pure acetone, with no scraping required.  Gotta love that!  I haven’t tested removal without the base yet, but my soak-off experience with other one and two-step gels has been less than desirable.

So let’s take a peek at some of the new colors.  Daisy Duos can be found over at Esther’s Nail Center.  The newest shades have slightly different packaging and show the name on the handle of the bottle.  The color below is called Queen of Grapes.  It’s a very pretty dark, shimmery, reddish purple.  My photos really didn’t do this polish the justice it deserves… it has such a beautiful purple shimmer!  I think that reddish purples are becoming some of my favorite shades, and this particular color is really fantastic for fall and winter. Daisy Duo Gel Polish - Queen of GrapesThis is Antique Purple.  It’s a medium-to-light shade of greyish purple.  I don’t have any shades like this in my collection.  I think I may have had my lightbox filter on for this one because the shine looks a little muted, but it has the same high gloss shines as the other two colors.  This is another great fall shade. Daisy Duo Gel Polish - Antique PurpleAnd this lovely light pink cream is called Fairy Dream.  A lot of times light pink shades are hard to apply evenly and they can look a little patchy, but this one applied really evenly and has good coverage.  This shade can be worn year-round and I think it’s subtle enough for corporate office wear. Daisy Duo Gel Polish - Fairy Dream

Michelle over at Manic Talons also posted a review and some color swatches of Daisy Duos today. Head on over to her site if you’d like more information about how this brand of polish wears because she conducted a full wear test. Read it here.

Daisy Gel Polish can be found at Esther’s Nail Center for $12.95 each.  The bottles are full size (0.5 oz), and they each come with a matching nail lacquer so that you can match your toes to your hands!  You can also view swatches of all of the Daisy colors here:

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4 Responses

  1. Erin Piper says:

    Does Daisy Fairy Dream fade or turn yellow? Thanks!

  2. Jolien says:

    wow the Antique Purple looks beautiful