Gelaze Swatch Gallery

This is a summary of all of the Gelaze polishes that I have swatched to-date. I will update this page on an ongoing basis as I swatch new colors. Click on the images to see larger photos, and click on the links to view or purchase the items on The Amazon links are affiliate links, and I earn a small commission on each order that is placed through my links. I would like to thank you in advance if you order through any of these links as the commissions help me be able to afford to purchase more colors to swatch!

Chickettes photos may not be used to sell products without authorization.  If you share my swatch images please DO NOT ALTER them, leave the watermarks in place and provide a link back to!  Please read this policy for more information.

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15 Responses

  1. Katharine in Brussels says:

    Hi Andrea, great job swatching! I would be happy to click on an affiliate purchase link for you next time I shop (for SOGs) or (for everything else–UK SOG prices are better, but shipping is better for heavier items next door from France). Is it possible for you to be affiliated with more than one Amazon?

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Katharine. I am affiliated with Amazon UK as well, and a few others. My blog has a plug-in that’s supposed to localize the Amazon links so that it takes you to the Amazon store for your country. Do the links take you to that site? If not, I can also provide some direct links. Thanks so much for your support! ;)

  2. Vicki says:

    Thanks for sharing the amazon links. Do you get commission if I use your link to get to amazon but purchase a different item? They have a lot more Gelaze colors than my local Sally’s.

  3. Allyson says:

    Hey Andrea- I just tried Gelaze Ahoy! and noticed pretty significant shrinkage when curing. Did you find this for all of the Gelaze, or is there a secret to staving it off? Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      I had that issue with all of my Gelaze polishes. I have to do lots of flash curing when using them. I heard that chilling them also helps.

      • Allyson says:

        Thanks! That’s pretty much what I ended up doing. They’ve got such pretty colors, it’s a shame that they aren’t as “easy” to use as Gelish. May try chilling it next time too.

  4. Sharen says:

    From your photos it seems like some of the Gleaze colours are matte – Peachy & Flying Dragon in particular. Is this the case? I have some China Glaze regular nail polishes which are matte – but I apply a glossy regular top coat, as I’m not a fan of matte. I just wondered about the Gelaze colours…
    Hope you can help.

    • Andrea says:

      They are all shiny and not matte. My old lighting setup heavily filtered the light making the finish appear matte. I updated my lighting to use a direct light to show the shine.

  5. Brittany says:

    can you use the gelish top coat over these?

  6. Tanya says:

    I got a free top coat by gelaze when I purchased two colors from Sally. I do not recommend this as a top coat at all! It dulls and is not very glossy after just one day. It also turns yellow on top of white. Do you have a recommendation for a high gloss shine top coat that won’t make my white color dingy?

  7. Megan says:

    I bought two of this brand on a sale. I’ve tried Recycle on my nails three times now with a gelish top coat but it keeps taking the color off during application, almost as if the color was still wet. I tried a thinner application but I still can’t figure out why this is happening. The only thought I had is maybe the color is too warm after curing (using UV) and I need to let it cool?? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated since I’m still fairly new to this. I’m also worried that I’ve ruined my top coat of gelish since it has a bit of the gelaze mixed into it due to this issue. Since it is a different formula, should I pick up a new bottle of gelish top coat?