Two Burgundy Gel Polish Shades: Ink Metro & Ink Cherryplum

I’m trying to work through some of my untried polishes, and I came across two burgundy shades by Ink.  This is a great shade for the season so I thought I’d share.  Both shades have a creamy finish and have decent coverage with two coats, but I applied three coats in these swatches.  Ink Metro #49 is the lighter of the two shades as seen below. - INK Metro SwatchAnd this is Ink Cherryplum #26.  It definitely has some purple undertones, but the label on the bottle is way off on this one.  I’ve had this bottle for quite a while so this may have been corrected since I bought this.  If not, try not to be thrown off by the label.  :) - INK Cherryplum SwatchWhen I look at the polish colors in the two pictures above they look very similar, so I took a picture of my swatch sticks side by side so that you can see that they are definitely different.  Metro didn’t look as light/bright on my nails as it does on a clear swatch stick.  And when compared like this you can definitely see the purple undertones in Cherryplum. - INK Metro & Cherryplum Comparison

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5 Responses

  1. Lisa O says:

    Both are gorgeous, and Metro sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for. Thanks.

  2. Jenn says:

    They both look gorgeous!
    I’m looking for a gel-polish in the same color as Essie’s Bahama Mama.
    Do you know any similiar ones? I know it is a hard question. :(
    I was searching online for pictures of every Red-Burgundy-Berry Color of “Gelish”.
    I thought maybe “Bella’s Vampire”? I think “A Touch of Sass” is a bit too much red leaning…
    Could “Cherryplum” be the one I am looking for?
    Sorry, you may not even have “Bahama Mama” by Essie! I just really love this shade… and I would love to know your Opinion.

    • Andrea says:

      Sorry, I don’t have that color to do any comparisons.

    • Andrea says:

      I looked it up online – it looks a little like Gelish Rendezvous.

      • Jenn says:

        Thank you for your quick answer. I really appreciate that you even looked it up online.
        I nearly bought Rendezvous (based on your swatches I thought it would be a match)… but I saw so many pictures of Rendezvous leaning really pink and washed out …not as deep as I expected it to be.
        I guess I just have to find out the “hard” way … buying lots of polishes in the same shade! :D
        We can’t buy it in our country. I have to trust the pictures online.
        Thank you again… I really appreciate it.