Summer 2014 Gelish Trends

You are going to LOVE the three new Gelish Trends polishes that were released for the Summer!  These toppers are packed with colorful glitter, and they’re super sparkly and fun.  I even put together a short video to show you how sparkly they are.

I posted the four new Spring Trends a few days ago and many of you asked if they can be worn on their own.  The Spring and Summer Trends can all be worn on their own, but they won’t provide full coverage like some of the other Trends that are more dense with glitter.  So for each of these swatches, I applied three coats on their own… no base colors, so you can see exactly what they look like.  They would all work well paired over other colors, or you can wear them just like this.  Each of the new Trends has some holographic glitter.  (I will swatch the Spring colors on their own too).

Watch the video:

Rays Of Light – Blue, Green, Purple, Gold multi-shaped mix of glitter.

Gelish Trends - Rays of Light - Summer 2014Gelish Trends - Rays of Light - Summer 2014Looking Glass – Purple, Pink, Blue & Green hexagon-shaped glitter.

Gelish Trends - Looking Glass - Summer 2014Gelish Trends - Looking Glass - Summer 2014Shattered Beauty – Pink, Green & Purple with specks of Gold glitter.

Gelish Trends - Shattered Beauty - Summer 2014Gelish Trends - Shattered Beauty - Summer 2014

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8 Responses

  1. MiraL says:

    I love the second one!

  2. ann says:

    thanks a lot

  3. Suzanne says:

    I love them all :-) This may seem like a silly question but do you still need to use top coat over these toppers ?

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, just a thin coat. I tried seeing if I could go without but when I wiped off the tacky layer the finish looked a little dull.

      • Suzanne says:

        Thanks Andrea you are a great help with all the questions, keep up the good work :-)

  4. Stephanie says:

    I can’t stop looking at these pictures. I’m so glad my order arrives tomorrow!

  5. Laura says:

    Okay . . . This may sound crazy, but . . . Are there transparent spring green hexes in these? Not sure what I think about that. Also, the Sallys in my town don’t even know about these . . . Sigh.

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, there are transparent hexes in some of them. These are brand new and may take a couple of weeks to hit all of the stores.