Light Teal Swatches: Gelaze For Audrey, ibd Jupiter Blue & Fingerpaints Cool Blue Harmony

Today I have a few swatches of my favorite color… teal blue. These are lighter teals, I also have a couple of darker teals that I’ll swatch another day. I didn’t realize until I swatched these three that two of them are almost identical! I can hardly tell Gelaze For Audrey and ibd Jupiter Blue apart, can you?

This is Gelaze For Audrey. For Audrey by China Glaze has always been my go-to blue in regular nail polish, so I was so excited to see it also released in their gel line. I wear this color on my toes all the time. When I was applying this polish I noticed that it seemed to have a bit of a grainy texture and I could see tiny flecks of darker pigments, but after curing and applying my top coat it’s not noticeable at all. I also experienced the shrink-back that all of the Gelaze polishes seem to have, which I remedy by flash curing.

Gelaze For Audrey SwatchGelaze For Audrey Swatch

This is ibd Jupiter Blue… it looks like the same exact color, but the bottle is different.  I think Jupiter Blue might be just slightly lighter than For Audrey, but JUST ever so slightly.  Even with the swatch sticks side-by-side I can barely tell (see the last pic on the page).  So I definitely don’t see the need to own both of these colors, and ibd is less expensive and I didn’t have any shrink-back issues with it.  Both swatches shown are three coats.  The ibd shade may be slightly more sheer.

ibd Jupiter Blue Swatchibd Jupiter Blue SwatchThis is Fingerpaints Cool Blue Harmony.  It’s a brighter light teal, and is really pretty and I didn’t have any application issues with it at all.  I actually quite like the Fingerpaints brushes because they are thinner and it’s much easier to polish in the curves.  I think the first picture shows the color slightly brighter than it actually is in real life.

Fingerpaints Gel Polish - Cool Blue SwatchFingerpaints Gel Polish - Cool Blue Swatch

Here’s a quick shot of my swatch sticks for these three colors so you can see them side-by-side.  This is not totally color accurate and the colors appear more green than they actually are, but I wanted to show you how close ibd Just Jupiter and Gelaze For Audrey are to one another.

Fingerpaints Cool Blue, IBD Jupiter Blue & Gelaze For Audrey

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4 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    Love the fingerprints, gorgeous colour. What is the ware and removal like with this range and do you still use gelish base and top coat with these? Thanks

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t done a wear test, but I’m finding that most gel polishes are lasting at least 14 days as advertised. I used my Gelish base and top and removal was comparable to Gelish.

  2. Erin says:

    Hey there! Would you consider swatching the Essie Gel Polishes? Love your pics and reviews!

  3. Rachasorousrex says:

    Is it possible to compare For Audrey to Gelish A Mint of Spring? I’ve been given these two as recommendations for a Tiffany Blue gel polish, but want to see which one is closest. Thanks.