Shellac Purple Purple

I’m wearing Shellac Purple Purple today. I think it should be called Blurple Blurple because it’s one of those purples that sometimes looks blue. It has a really gorgeous shimmer and is probably one of my favorite purples to-date. The color was really hard to capture on camera because it looks so different depending on the lighting, and my camera wanted to make it look blue even when it looked purple.

Here are the shots taken in my lightbox. The color is fairly accurate, but it’s actually a little more purple in real-life.  My lightbox also mutes the shimmer effects. Shellac Purple Purple Swatch Shellac Purple Purple Swatch

Here is a shot in the sunlight.  The true color is more like the bottle in this picture. Shellac Purple Purple Swatch

And finally a shot under my OttLite.  You can see how blue it looks here. Shellac Purple Purple Swatch

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2 Responses

  1. Liliya says:

    What lamp did you use to cure Shellac? I only have the 18G LED lamp by Gelish, and was wondering if it will work on Shellac. I know the manufacturers do not recommend, but does it work in real life, and what cure times did you use? Thanks!

  2. Katie says:

    Do you use the full line of CND Shellac products when you do this, or do you know if you can use the shellac colors with Gelish base and top coats? I have all gel polishes and base and top to date, and I LOVE the Bicycle Yellow color (can’t find any SOG that color). Thanks for any help! I love your ‘blog, and your Instagram swatching. :)