Gelish Reds

I dropped my daughter off at Ohio State on Saturday… it’s very bitter sweet.  I’ve gone through a range of emotions the last couple of days.  It’s strange to know that she’s not coming home for a while which makes me sad, but I’m excited for her and so proud.  It sounds like she’s doing well with the adjustment so far and is making new friends already.

I will have swatches of the new Gelish Fall colors for you very soon! In the meantime, I thought I would post some recent swatches that I did of some Gelish reds. When I inserted the photos below, I thought I had made a mistake because I can’t really tell the difference between Hot Rod Red and Red Roses, except that one of them is a full size bottle and one is a mini. I pulled out my bottles and swatch sticks to check and the colors really are so close it’s hard to tell them apart.  Red Roses is just slightly darker than Hot Rod.  Queen of Hearts is darker than both and has a shimmery finish.  I don’t feel that my photos really do that color justice – it’s one of my favorite reds and a must-have for a collection.

Gelish Hot Rod Red:

Gelish Hot Rod Red Swatch

Gelish Hot Rod Red Swatch

Gelish Red Roses:

Gelish Red Roses Swatch

Gelish Red Roses Swatch

Gelish Queen of Hearts:
Gelish Queen of Hearts

Gelish Queen of Hearts

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5 Responses

  1. Mal Timmons says:

    Yeah. Can’t see much difference. .what is the brightest. .air hostess red do you think? With full coverage. .have lady in red..but that’s darker. I want bright vibrant red. Keep up the good work Andrea. I am still fighting my way through all the buy and more buying!!! X

    • Andrea says:

      Hot Rod Red is the brightest I’ve tried so far, but it’s not as opaque as Lady in Red. Hot Rod shows some visible nail line.

      • Mal Timmons says:

        Thanks Andrea..I will only buy ones with good coverage. Do the other makes have same problems with some being transparent?

  2. S says:

    Hy Andrea,

    first compliments on an excellent blog, i’m useing all your advices and detailed instructions for homemade nails – I could become professional just by reading your posts! But I don’t want that..

    I like a lot Hot Rod Red color but you say that it is a bit transparent, so the
    question is: which similar color of Gelish would you recommend with good coverage?