Review of Jilbere Heated Spa Mitts

Jilbere Professional Heated Spa Mitt Review

My daughter bought me some heated spa mitts from the local Sally store for Christmas.  I never thought of purchasing these, so this gift was a total surprise and also very thoughtful.  Since I started blogging about nail polish and nail art I have been changing my polish far more frequently than I used to and my hands and fingers are getting a bit dried out, especially with the colder weather now.

The mitts are little heating pads for your hands.  You apply moisturizer to your hands and wrap them with plastic wrap, and then insert them into the mitts.  The mitts have three heat settings, low, medium and high.  I have a fairly high tolerance for heat, but these get really hot, almost burning hot on the highest setting.  I normally use them on the medium setting for about 10-15 minutes and they get nice and toasty.  I have been using a french lavender scented lotion this week, so it’s also a bit of aromatherapy since the heat enhances the scent.  When I take them off my hands feel very soft and smooth and I can visibly see a difference in my skin, especially around my cuticle area.

Today I took before and after pictures to share.  These pictures are completely unedited. You can see that the wrinkles around my cuticles are much less visible after using the mitts and in general my fingers just look much healthier.  (Click here to read more about the nail art seen in the photos.) Jilbere Professional Heated Spa Mitt Review - Before & After

I have really enjoyed using these mitts over the past several days and plan to include them as part of my normal bedtime routine. They definitely help with keeping my hands moisturized and they visibly reduce the wrinkles around my cuticles (although temporarily), which is a huge plus for a nail blogger!  They are said to also help reduce pain from arthritis and overworked hands.  I can’t speak for that since I don’t have any pain, but I can see how the heat would be beneficial for that purpose as well.

In my opinion, these are a great buy for the price.  I have used similar mitts at the spa that had a nice terry cover which added to the experience, so I wonder if you couldn’t add a terry liner to these.  I also think these would be great to use with a paraffin hand treatment.  Maybe a paraffin bath will be one of my next purchases!

This review was completely unsolicited and contains my honest opinions about this product.

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2 Responses

  1. beachgal says:

    I have used mitts like this but for hand therapy (like physical therapy/occupational therapy) and not for cosmetic use. I was told by my PT doing this that I could use an at home heating pad and use it with a lotion/saran wrap or lotion/the at home paraffin dips then the saran then use the heating pads wrapped around my hands. I think I did have one of the home paraffin baths that included with it 2 heated mitts. I don’t have that paraffin bath anymore – they kind of fell out of the ‘at home’ beauty treatment focus…but when I was using both the heated mitts and or the paraffin baths, I noticed a lot of improvement on the look of my hands. In the winter time when I am more dry, it really helped. Just saying that I think folks might be able to make their own ‘mitts’ if they have a home heating pad that is a large one…large enough to wrap all the way around the hands. The nice thing about the mitts is you can do both hands at the same time. I wish I had kept my heated mitts that came with the paraffin bath I had. My mitts had a thin sheet of like that soft, thin foam material that I could get wet then put my hands in the mitt and use moist heat vs. just dry heat.