Revel Nails Acrylic Dip Powder System (with Instruction Video)

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder System

I have something new and exciting to share with you today… Revel Nail’s acrylic dip system! With this system you can achieve beautiful acrylic overlays on natural nails or tips, and you can also achieve a perfect acrylic French manicure in just a few easy steps.

Revel Nail’s acrylic dip powders come in 2 oz jars, and are available in 65 different colors.  The powder is ultra fine and silky to the touch.  The dip system includes the dip powders, Prep Gel (step #1), Pro Base (step #2), Activator (step #3), and Finish Gel (step #4).  There is also a brush softener available in case you accidentally let one of your brushes harden. These items are sold separately or you can purchase them all in the French Manicure kit, which includes white and pink powder.  My photo below also shows the cuticle oil, which can be purchased separately.

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder SystemPrior to receiving this sample kit from Revel, I had never used an acrylic dip system. I watched the video demonstration (shown at the bottom of this post along with instructions), jotted down some notes, and then quickly went to work trying them out.  I received a few different colored powders and the first one that I tried was D32 Isadora, which is a silver holographic glitter.

Below is a picture of my very first attempt at the acrylic dip system.  It was super easy to use, and my nails felt amazingly strong!  My nails felt a little tight and my c-curve was flattened out quite a bit, which made my nails look wider than normal.  I actually like it when my nails are a little flatter because my natural curve is very deep.  I applied three coats of Isadora to get this look.  My nails were gorgeous and sparkly!

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder - IsadoraI wore this manicure to school the next day and had to use acetone on a client.  I quickly learned that the finish gel doesn’t stand up to acetone.  My nails started melting away and the finish went dull.  I went home that night and filed off the top layer to even them back out and then I tried using a gel polish top coat over them to see if that would hold.  Unfortunately that didn’t hold up to acetone either.  I reached out to my rep at Revel and asked for advice and she told me to try using the Revel Tack-Free Gel Topcoat instead of the finish gel that comes with the dip system.  That finally did the trick!  Yay!

One quick thing to note is that the Tack-Free Top Coat is meant for use over nail enhancements (acrylic or gel) and NOT for soak-off gel polish.  This is the only product I used that need to be cured in a lamp.  The dip system products do not need curing.

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder - IsadoraThe next acrylic dip manicure that I tried was this gorgeous sparkly blue, D31 Ingrid.  OMG, drool…

I finished this manicure off with the Tack-Free Top Coat instead of the finish gel, and you can see that it has a nice glossy finish.

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder - IngridHere’s another shot with the dip powder.  The only thing I notice when looking at the pics is that my nails appear to be a little on the thick side.  But that’s because they are – they have three coats of acrylic powder on them!  They could be filed down a little more on the sides to reduce the appearance of thickness if desired.

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder - IngridAnd the last acrylic dip manicure that I attempted was a pink and white French manicure.  Not too shabby for my first try!  The video demonstration at the bottom of this post shows how to achieve this look.  To quickly summarize, you apply the pro base and then dip just the tip of your nail into the white, tap off the excess, and then dip your whole nail into the pink.  The two dip powders that I used for this manicure were D74 Veronica (white) and D71 Scarlett (pink).

I think the base color is a little too pink for my skin tone, and a nude color might work better for me.  Also, the pink looked a little grainy.  That is my fault though because I didn’t have the right ratio of liquid to powder, which I’ll explain more below.

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder - Pink & White French ManicureHere’s another quick shot of my French dip manicure.

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder - Pink & White French Manicure


Below is the video by Revel Nail that demonstrates how to do a pink and white French acrylic dip. I watched the video and jotted down some notes.  Below are my shortened version of the instructions.  Please watch the video at least once before attempting to use the dip system in case my notes are unclear.

  1. Sanitize hands.
  2. Remove shine from the nails using a fine grit nail file (e-file only if you are experienced).
  3. Apply the Prep solution (#1) to the nails.
  4. Apply the Pro Base (#2).
  5. Dip the nail into the pink powder.
  6. Apply Pro Base (#2).
  7. Dip just the tip of the nail into the white powder to create the smile line, and tap off any excess.
  8. Dip the whole nail into the pink powder, and tap off the excess.
  9. Repeat steps 7 & 8.
  10. Apply another coat of Pro Base (#2).
  11. Apply the Activator (#3) generously, capping the tips.
  12. Once dry to the touch, shape the nails with a file.
  13. Buff the nail and remove powder from the cuticle area.
  14. Rinse hands in water (no soap), and dry.
  15. Apply the Activator (#3) again, and wipe off with a paper towel.
  16. Apply the Finish Gel (#4).  Don’t pause, and wipe the brush onto a piece of paper to reduce stiffness.
  17. Apply another coat of Finish Gel (#4).
  18. Allow to dry.
  19. Apply cuticle oil.

Application Tips & Tricks:

These are a few things I learned the hard way in my trials.  :)

You’ll notice in the video that she applies a coat of pink before doing the pink & white.  On this initial coat, she doesn’t cover the full nail with the Pro Base.  She applies somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 up the nail, avoiding the cuticle area.  I’m told that this helps build strength.  I also found that it makes the edges smoother and less bulky.

I had issues with powder getting onto my Pro Base (#2) brush, and now have powder in my bottle. :(  I learned that this happened because I didn’t use enough Pro Base.  If you apply the Pro Base generously enough, the powder should have a wet appearance after dipping.  If the powder stays chalky/dry looking, you didn’t use enough Pro Base and are likely to pick up some powder on your next layer application.  If you do get powder on your brush, wipe it off with a dry paper towel before putting it back in the bottle.  This is also the reason that my pink and white mani had a slightly grainy appearance.

As I mentioned previously, if you use acetone frequently you might consider using the Revel Tack-Free Gel Topcoat instead of the Finish Gel (#4) to protect your manicure.  Don’t apply it over the finish gel or it will peel off.

If you are doing nails for clients, I have a feeling that dipping into the same container would be considered unsanitary. I would put some powder into a dappen dish or other small container for one-time use and discard any remaining powder after the mani is done. You could also do the sprinkle method, and sprinkle the powder over the nail rather than dipping into the container.

And lastly, my brushes did get hard a few times.  I put them into the brush softener bottle and left them sit for a little while and they softened back up.  Just be sure to wipe off the softener before placing the brush back into the proper bottle.


If you’re wondering about removal… it wasn’t difficult, but I did find it to be a little messy. To remove the acrylic dip, soak your nails in acetone or you can use the Steam Off system, which is what I used. The acrylic softens and becomes very gummy, and you scrape it off with an orangewood stick or instrument. I did it little by little until it all came off. I think it took about 20-25 minutes total.


You can do fills with these instead of soaking-off and reapplying!  I have not attempted this yet, so I can’t provide any advice.  I believe you would focus on applying just on the new growth and blending it into the existing acrylic.


I also want to mention quickly that these powders are awesome for using with the acrygel technique!  They are super fine and hardly require much buffing/filing, and there are tons of color options.  You don’t even need to apply polish over them.  :)

Whew!  That was a long post, but there’s a lot of info to be known!

Revel’s acrylic dip products can be purchased here:

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46 Responses

  1. Cindy Barber says:

    Thank you for your review and tips! I’m so intrigued!!!

  2. Tiane says:

    What is the point of this system? Does it last longer than a gel manicure? Why would someone choose this over the normal gel manicure?

    • Andrea says:

      I’m not suggesting that this would take the place of gel polish. Some people prefer to use acrylic for strength. It can be used as an overlay on tips (gel polish isn’t strong enough for that) or natural nails. It can also be filled in every two weeks instead of having to remove and replace it each time. And it also would be good for people that have allergies to gel. There are many uses for it.

      • Tiane says:

        Does that mean it lasts indefinitely, if you can do infills?

        • Andrea says:

          Yes, you can keep doing fills with a solid color. Pink and whites would probably need to be removed and reapplied after 4 weeks, or you would have to figure a way to backfill. When you do a fill you file down any areas that have lifting and then apply new product to just the new growth area and any spots that need to be patched. You blend the new product with the old by filing, and apply a top coat.

          • Tiane says:

            Thanks for clarifying that. So this is basically the same as a normal acrylic system, except it is easier to apply with the dipping, and it also has the colours mixed in already?

          • Andrea says:

            Yes. You can sculpt enhancements with these powders and a monomer too.

      • angela says:

        Hi where can i buy the powder kits please Angela

  3. Laura Luecking says:

    How long did your mani last. Whenever I had acrylics they lasted about 2 weeks before I had to have a fill.

  4. Cat says:

    Is this powder any different than blending pigment powders with clear acrylic powder to get a colored acrylic powder ?

  5. Joanna B says:

    eeekk! that blue!! I love doing acry-gel! Crap….must. not. spend. money.

  6. Sheneise says:

    Great job, you are a pro! I know you don’t have any control over this but just wanted you to know I asked Revel to send you ManicTalons their new Spring 2015 colors to swatches because you two give great swatches & I love that each color is labeled. They said they have a color wheel but I don’t know which color is which because the color on the bottle & website is different from the swatch. What my point is you did such I great job w/ a product I was never interested in, that now I want this as well. I really appreciate all you do!!!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks! Michelle and I already have the Revel Spring colors. There are 20 of them so it will take some time to swatch. :)

  7. Tiane says:

    I want to see the spring range in the Revel gel polishes and the remaining colours from last year which aren’t swatched yet !!! Fingers crossed!

  8. Lisa Heath says:

    I don’t even wear acrylics or anything and you have me wanting to try this so badly

  9. Justine says:

    Where can I buy a set, to be able to do it on my own.

  10. Monique says:

    Hi Andrea, If I wanted to use these as Acrygel, would I then use 2 thin layers of foundation + dip powder, followed by another thin layer of foundation and then top it off?

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, you can do as many layers as you like to get the desired opacity. I don’t think you need a final layer of Foundation before the Top It Off though. I would buff the top layer of foundation/powder, cleanse and then apply the top coat.

      • Janice says:

        Can you elaborate on the acrygel technique? I’ve never done it. I understand it makes this easier on your nails. Would I use gelish foundation first, and then the revel pro base?

        • Monique says:

          Hi Andrea, I have tried the dip powder as Acrygel and I’m generally really pleased with the outcome, but I have an issue with it cracking and splitting on a couple of nails. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Weak nails to start with or too much powder? I did three layers of Acrygel to obtain even coverage and a double-cured T.I.O. I used Gelish’s foundation & top coat. It’s holding up perfectly after 10 days on all but these three nails.

          • Andrea says:

            In my experience cracking happens when the nails are too pliable and are able to bend, but there could be other reasons such as over curing as well.

  11. Teresa Houck says:

    I have a few questions please help me out.
    1. Can you do nail art or stamps or stickers with this system?
    2. Could you use any acrylic powder with the base coat and the other polishes?
    3. Can it be removed with the gelish remover or does it have to be acetone
    Thanks so much

  12. Lisa Dwyer says:

    I just started using Revel system. Absolutely LOVE this product. Couple of things: when I do a pink and white, did you say to take it all off after 4 weeks and then reapply the pink and white? does Revel sell a specific monomer to use when sculpting a nail. I hate using tips they never fit properly so I am a very big sculpting nail person. Just trying to figure that out..

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Lisa – Yes, I believe they recommended removing a pink and white after one fill and reapplying. You might check with Revel directly to be sure. They do sell a monomer for sculpting too.

  13. Krystal E says:

    The dip technique is JUST NOW hitting in South Texas. We’re only a year behind.

    • Andrea says:

      It hasn’t really hit here in the Northwest yet, at least not that I’m aware of. We just have lots of places calling acrylic “powder gel” so they can charge more. Smh!

  14. Camille Bull says:

    Hey quick question– yes we are just starting to use it a lot in Alabama too. I tried this at home and everything turned out fine except my end result was not shiny. It ended up more of a matte with small areas of shin-ish. Any ideas why this might be?

    • Andrea says:

      I’m sorry, it’s been about a year since I used this product so I’m not overly familiar with it. I seem to recall that Revel also had a gel top coat that worked over top of this for extra shine. My recommendation is to reach out to the manufacturer directly with your questions. They’re super friendly and helpful. :)

    • Angelica says:

      This also happened to me on 3 separate occasions. 1, when I forgot to use #3 again after the last step of pro base and powder. 2, when I waited too long between Finish gel coats. And 3, when I tried to apply more than 2 coats of Finish gel. After eliminating these mistakes, I never had a problem again with dull finish coats.

      • Camille bull says:

        Thank you so much for the reply!! I am definitely going to put these tips to use.

  15. Staci says:

    I did the exact same process except for step #4 I used OPI Axxiom No Cleanse UV Sealer. When I came out of the light my nails were yellow. Why is this? I used Veronica (74) on my entire nail, I LOVE my solid white. I used both UV and LED lamps with the same yellow result. Any help recommended??!!! When I had it done the first time at the salon it did not yellow with the same top coat but she didn’t use Revel. It was just called Dip It.

  16. Fatima says:

    This detailed descriptions was very helpful. Apparently, I didn’t use enough pro base and had a matte/dry look after dipping. However, my real challenge was the finish gel. Its simply would not dry. It started out shiny and within a few minutes was matte and gummy. Any suggestions?

  17. Melissa says:

    Hi, I saw that in your blog you noted that if you work with acetone, using the tack free gel top coat helps with keeping it from ruining the dip powder. My question is I cannot find a bottle of that to purchase. Do you know where I can purchase that by itself?

  18. Katie says:

    Is the powder just acrylic or something special? And can I purchase the polish set at a store in person or is it only available for online purchase?

    • Andrea says:

      It’s colored acrylic powder. It’s available in some stores, but I don’t know which ones. The manufacturer website may have more info.

  19. Colleen says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Any tips on soaking them off…..I do warm up the acetone. Thank you so much

  20. Kate says:

    This has become my new go-to! I love it! I only have a few color powders so far, but have lots of gel polish… if I was to do gel overtop of the dip powder, do you know at what stage I should paint and if I should top it off or if I would finish the dip powder process with step 4?

  21. sae says:


  22. Gigi says:

    I was hoping to like this system but it seems more cumbersome than anything. I’ve tried it twice and don’t think that it was worth the hype. The dipping powder doesn’t apply evenly or change color and the finish gel doesn’t look as shiny as I had expected. Very expensive let down IMHO.

  23. Yvonne says:

    Hi Andrea. Can Gelish be applied on top of the finished nail to change the color after a week or so?

  24. Jessica says:

    Can you use the same acrylic powder to do this as you do sculpting? Like maybe just by the bones and other things needed but just save on having multiple powders? I can’t tell if it’s a different acrylic powder or not?