Revel Nail Spring 2015 Collection

Revel Nail recently launched their new Spring 2015 gel polish collection consisting of 20 colors named after major cities across the globe! Many of the colors in this collection have a clear base, so they are mostly jellies, crellies, glitters and a few creams. Because it’s such a large collection, my swatches will be posted in batches. This is the second batch since I posted a few swatches in my previous post with some leadlighting nail art.

Let’s take a look at some of the colors.  Each of these swatches has three coats of color for consistency.

Revel #41 Paris is a sheer milky jelly.  This color would probably make a great base for a French manicure.

Revel Nail #41 Paris - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #42 Shanghai is a clear gel polish with a pinkish-purple iridescent shimmer.  This color can be worn on it’s own or it would work great when layered over other colors.

Revel Nail #42 Shanghai - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #44 Geneva is a metallic golden bronze with a frosty shimmer finish.  This color is similar to Gelish Oh What a Knight, RCM Mink Coat and Gelaze Swing Baby.

Revel Nail #44 Geneva - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #45 Rome is a pretty unique color that’s hard to describe.  It has a metallic finish with bronze glitter flecks throughout.  This color reminds me of Fall leaves for some reason.

Revel Nail #45 Rome - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #54 Sydney is a pale teal-leaning mint.  It’s very similar in shade to Gelish Seafoam, but slightly lighter.  I was expecting this color to be more green because of the color on the bottle, but it actually leans a bit blue.

Revel Nail #54 Sydney - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #51 Rio de Jeneiro is a coral-leaning pink cream.  This is a great beach/pool color for Summer!  It’s very close to Pink Gellac Tropical.

Revel Nail #51 Rio de Janeiro - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #48 Buenos Aires is a vibrant frosty pink that glows in the light.  I normally don’t like having visible nail line showing, but I’ll make an exception for this color because it’s simply stunning.

Revel Nail #48 Buenos Aires - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #47 Moscow is a bright red crelly with a subtle scattered silver shimmer.

Revel Nail #47 Moscow - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel #46 Milan is a deep, rich medium red cream.  This shade of red looks dark next to Milan, but I wouldn’t quite call it a burgundy – it’s still light enough to be wearable in the Spring and Summer months.  :)

Revel Nail #46 Milan - swatch by Chickettes.comRevel Nail gel polish retails for only $7.50 a bottle!  Visit for more details.

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6 Responses

  1. Tiane says:


    I was wondering if you are also going to swatch the the remaining colours from the spring 2014 range?
    I hope you do so that there is a full set….

  2. Sue says:

    Hey Andrea – I really like a couple of the new Revel colors but can’t seem to find where to buy these new colors individually, just by the whole set. Any suggestions? Thanks so much … also really enjoyed your email about prepping nails before gel … I haven’t had a problem in a while but seeing a refresher course is always helpful since I can sometimes get a bit lazy!! Thanks for all your help and info!!