Plaid Nails Using the Gelish Colors of Paradise

I attempted a plaid design for the first time ever.  I used all of the colors from the Gelish Colors of Paradise collection for this nail art, except for the orange.  I figured these colors might work well with a plaid design since they are a little sheer with just one coat.  The index finger has 3 coats of Tahiti Hottie, and the pinky finger has 3 coats of Rub Me the Sarong Way.  For the plaid nails, I started with a base of Lime All the Time and then hand-painted on the stripes using nail art brushes.

I would like to learn to draw thinner lines with gel polish.  I used a very narrow striping brush to draw the finer lines, but they still look thick to me.  They’re are also a little lumpy looking with all of the layers, and I wonder if there are possibly too many colors?  I’m sure this won’t be my last attempt at a plaid pattern, so I’ll try to improve upon those next time.

This will probably be my last look using the Colors of Paradise collection for a while.  I’ll be featuring several other new collections, and the next one should be posted on Friday! Bright Summer Plaid Nails using Gelish Colors of Bright Summer Plaid Nails using Gelish Colors of Paradise

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11 Responses

  1. Shanna says:


  2. Cindy_Leigh says:

    SO love this! I’d love to see a tutorial :) :)

  3. Lisa L says:

    Did you do any blocking with tape or was everything freehand?

  4. Lisa L says:

    I think they look amazing by the way.

  5. Katie Swartz says:

    I have noticed that if I remove the tacky layer before doing lines/dots they bleed a little less. Did you remove the tacky layers before doing the lines? Either way I think they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and hope that I can do half as good of a job!

  6. Vic says:

    If you find the secret to thin lines please let me know – it drives me insane that I can do it with polish but not Gelish!

  7. natalie says:

    I think it came out really nice!

  8. Suzanne Grabow-Center says:

    I really adore this!!!