Ink Calypso Swatch & More Shade Shifter Fun

I’ve been wearing Ink Calypso for a couple of days, and today I decided to play with Orly Shade Shifter again and turn my teal mani into some cool color changing nail art.  I started with 2 coats of Calypso, then applied 2 coats of Orly Shade Shifter.  I applied one thin coat of Gelish Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy for a blue/purple duochrome glitter effect.  Next, I used a dotting tool to add some flowers and dots on top, and then topped everything off with my Gelish top coat.  What do you think???

You can view my video demo of Orly Shade Shifter here.  To use it, you apply two coats of Shade Shifter over your base color (curing after each coat), and then apply your top coat.  It makes your nails black when they are cold and goes clear when they are warm to show the color underneath.  And sometimes you can see the transition as seen in the photo below. Color Changing Nail Art with Orly Shade Shifter Color Changing Nail Art with Orly Shade Shifter

And here are my photos of Ink Calypso before I applied Shade Shifter. Ink Calypso Swatch Ink Calypso Swatch

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  1. sapphml says:

    I think I just ordered shade shifter. I think I had all the rest. Love it!