Pink Gellac Majestic Collection – Fall 2015

Pink Gellac Majestic Collection - Fall 2015I’m excited to share the new Pink Gellac Fall collection with you called Majestic!  This collection consists of five rich colors that are perfect for the season.  All of these colors have amazing formulas with two-coat coverage.  I’ve been using them at the studio for the last couple of weeks and they’ve been a bit hit!

The colors from the Majestic collection are available for sale at Chickettes BoutiqueWe ship globally!

#169 Smoked Grey is a dark grey cream with very mild blue undertones.  This has been a very popular color with my clients and works well with all skin tones.

Pink Gellac Smoked Grey - Fall 2015 Majestic Collection - Powerful Plum is a vibrant magenta with a glowing shimmer finish.  This is a great year-round color!

Pink Gellac Powerful Plum - Fall 2015 Majestic Collection - #171 Golden Rose is a light metallic gold frost with a rosy shimmer.  This color is just a tiny bit sheer with two coats, so I added a third coat for optimal coverage in this swatch.  Metallics are awesome accents in the cooler weather seasons, and Golden Rose pairs perfectly with just about any color.

Pink Gellac Golden Rose - Fall 2015 Majestic Collection - Marvelous Blue is a lush, dark blue with a shimmer finish.  This color is so rich and beautiful!  I felt like my fingers were coated in sapphires when I wore it.

Pink Gellac Marvelous Blue - Fall 2015 Majestic Collection - Bordeaux is a dark, plum-toned purple with a creamy finish.  I was amazed at the coverage of this polish with just two coats.  I’m in love!  This is the color that I selected for my mani this week.

Pink Gellac Bordeaux - Fall 2015 Majestic Collection - Chickettes.comWhat do you think of the Majestic Collection?

The colors from the Majestic collection are available for sale at Chickettes Boutique We ship globally!

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5 Responses

  1. Charlotte Daysh-barbour says:

    Im loving yr pink gellac range I purchased 7 of your nudes and no fading :-) but am having issues with them lasting, the most they are lasting for is 10 days, im using ph bond, gelish base and top and doing 3 layers 60 secs each time, thinly, anything you can suggest? X

    • Andrea says:

      I’m glad you love the colors. What type of lamp are you using? What type of wear do you typically get with other brands of color?

      • charlotte says:

        Ive got the gelish 18g lamp, I usually only use gelish, i ph bond, 5 secs cure, 30 secs colour either 2 or 3 times depending on the depth and then 30secs top coat / sometimes 2 x top coat depending on the clients job (childcare etc I usually use 2 x topcoat as they use a lot of hand steriliser etc) normal wear is anything between 2 – 3 weeks – usually nearer 3 weeks. with your colours I did 60 seconds as instructed on the bottle and by yourself, – 3 different ladies have tried the colours, loved the fact they don’t fade but have lifted after 8-10 days and theyre not used to it with me, just wondered if there was anything else I could do? x

        • Andrea says:

          Are you using the Gelish base and top and the PG color in between? If so, those times should work. Maybe cure the base coat a little longer? I use Pink Gellac on my clients and the polish is lasting 2 weeks.

  2. Libby in WI says:

    Andrea these are beautiful! That grey is calling my name. Curious how the rose gold would look on my super pale skin. Thanks for such a great job!