Peacock Feather Nails with Water Decals

I’m still in a feather mood, so I went for peacock feathers this week. I purchased these peacock feather decals from Born Pretty Store. These weren’t the easiest decals I’ve ever worked with, but it may have been easier if I didn’t apply them upside down! These decals have a solid white background so they don’t look very good over other colors, and they have a straight edge that’s meant to line up on the tip of your nail. I cut my decals to fit the curve of my nails which left the edge looking a little off, so I filled the edges in with a teal blue polish afterward so you can’t really tell.

I used two coats of Gelish Artic Freeze as the base for the peacock nails. The other nails have a base of Entity1 Walk the Runway which is a dark shimmery purple. I used some CND additive powders to create a gradient over the base color. I used CND Haute Pink at the base of the nail and Violet Pearl on the tips. This didn’t quite turn out as intended because I grabbed the wrong additive and didn’t notice until it was too late! I intended to use Blue Heaven on the tips instead to pull in a touch of blue instead of purple. The blue rhinestones are from MoYou. Peacock Nails Peacock Nails Peacock Nails

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7 Responses

  1. Shanna says:

    Ahh! So gorgeous! I love it!

  2. Katharine in Brussels says:

    Hi again, of course you are still in a mood for feather manicures :) What an awesome friend. Speaking of friends, one of my online sewing sisters says ‘there are no mistakes in sewing, only design features’. Maybe where that special friend is, the peacocks are purple. Nice design feature in any case. Keep taking it one day at a time… anytime you miss him, he will be there.

  3. Katharine in Brussels says:

    Thanks for all of your inspiration, Andrea. I printed out your guide and used it to do my first ever gel manicure–at home. The tips on saving money with rubbing alcohol, wiping away mistakes with alcohol and another place on your site, using a dappen dish, were helpful. I used them. It was the first time out so there is some product pooling along a nail bed, so I’ll get some lifting–skills take time to develop. To be on the safe side I’ve filed/buffed down but now I know a little more about what it looks like when it’s going to pool. No problem on not lasting two weeks–will be delighted if this polish lasts a week, (mine never has, unless it was over an acrylic nail) and will be happy to practice/change the colour next week unless they lift before then. My nails have never been this strong before, and I didn’t even use builder gel. Thanks!

  4. Wow Andrea this is beautiful!!!

    I brought these decals (and the roses) a few months ago and don’t think I can use these – they’re too small for my nails…. I had to use two roses per nail!! With these feathers I don’t know how I can work them into a design with that straight edge…..