Plum Paisley Stamped Nails and Liquid Palisade for Easy Nail Art Clean-Up

Liquid Palisade for easy nail art stamping clean-up! Chickettes.comI posted swatches of the CND Shellac Modern Folklore collection the other day and I was inspired by the color Plum Paisley to actually create plum paisley nails.  The paisley image on Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-315 is one of my favorite patterns.  I’ve created other nail art looks with this stamp in the past, so it may look familiar.

To get this look, I started with a base of CND Shellac Plum Paisley.  After applying and curing my base color, I added a thin layer of gel top coat, cured and wiped the tacky layer. I decided to stamp my nails twice with the BM-315 paisley pattern, but using two different colors – a Mundo de Unas purple and China Glaze Passion.  BTW, China Glaze Passion is one of my favorite gold polishes to stamp with… my bottle is almost empty!

Before stamping, I prepped my fingers with a product called Liquid Palisade by Kiesque.  If you’ve never heard of Liquid Palisade, it’s a liquid barrier that you paint onto your skin around the nails to make cleaning up polish mishaps easier.  It’s great for nail art, stamping and water marbling.  The photo below demonstrates how the product works.  When you apply Liquid Palisade to your skin it starts out a light purple shade like you see in the bottle, but it quickly dries and becomes darker and more transparent as seen on my ring finger below.  On my middle finger I demonstrated how easily the product peels off, and you can see that it also removed all of the excess stamping polish with it.  And my index finger shows the end result after peeling off the product… perfectly clean skin, no polish remover needed!

Liquid Palisade for easy nail art stamping clean-up!

Note that when the Liquid Palisade is on your skin, you don’t want to let your finger tips touch one another.  They will stick together and it could cause the Liquid Palisade to peel off prematurely.  Also, if you mess up while stamping and use nail polish remover to remove the pattern and start over, you will also have to reapply the Liquid Palisade again because it will also come off in the process.  I have done both of these things, so I just thought I’d mention it.  LOL

Here are a couple photos of the final nail art look after I finished the clean-up and applied a top coat.  My poor thumb has a plain color on it because I’m babying it due to a bad break.  I broke it all the way down to the quick and repaired it with acrygel.  I don’t want to soak-off my acrygel until it grows out a little, so I’m just applying regular nail polish over top until then. Plum Paisley Stamped Plum Paisley Stamped NailsYou can learn more about Liquid Palisade, and watch some video demonstrations on the Keisque website at

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9 Responses

  1. Unni Marie Berg says:

    Hi Andrea! Wow! Stunning nails. You are so amazingly good at this. Just one question. That protector you use around your nails cost $22. Have you ever tried a simple thing like vaseline? Do you think that could work? Trying to save money here…

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t, but I would think that vaseline would get all over your stamper head and might cause it not to work as well.

    • Lisa L says:

      According to many sources, the stuff in liquid palisades is the same stuff as painter’s masking fluid. Much cheaper.

  2. NancyG says:


  3. Liszt Fanatic says:

    Would Liquid Palisade help out those of us gel polish uses with unsteady hands, or would peeling off LP after curing my mani simply lift off the gel?

  4. Mia says:

    I’ve heard of people using elmer’s glue instead, sometimes a little watered down, but I’ve never been brave enough to try it. I am just afraid of a bigger mess than just the polish alone. For messy manicures like water marbles or gradients, I usually just tape off around the nails and there’s less cleanup but never perfect.

  5. I really love Liquid Palisade – I think it’s great for gradients, too!

  6. Soria terrazas says:

    Hola donde lo puedo comprar por internet???