Madam Glam Gel Polish Review

Madam Glam Gel Polish Review by Chickettes.comToday I have a review of a new-to-me brand of gel polish from Madam Glam.  When I received these polishes I swatched them on sticks, and it was love at first sight.  Seriously… these might be the best quality polishes I’ve ever used, and I’m so excited to share them with you!  Let’s get right into the review…


Application of these polishes is an absolute dream!  They glide onto your nails with ease, and every one of the colors (except the glitter) was almost opaque in one coat.  They have perfect coverage with two coats.  I had no issues with application, it was perfect…  the brushes were great, NO shrinking, pooling, wrinkling, etc.


I chose to conduct my wear test with a dark blue color called Glittery Midnight Blue.  I used the Madam Glam base and top coats, which are also very easy to apply.  The top coat has great shine, but I did find that the shine dulled near the tips with wear.  I wore this color for 10 days and after about day 7 or so there was some noticeable wear on the tips, but I didn’t experience any chipping or lifting.  On day 10 I did a manicure on a friend and used acetone and that caused the polish on my index finger to lift a little on the side as you can see in the photo below.



I roughed up the surface of my nails and then used NailMates and acetone for removal.  After 10 minutes of soaking I didn’t notice much visible change in the polish, it didn’t appear to be flaking off like some of them do.  I took an orange stick and pushed to see what would happen and the polish pushed right off with ease.  I had very little residue left over after pushing the polish off so I just buffed my nails lightly and they were perfect.  I forgot to take pictures of the removal process, but it was super easy.  This was probably one of the best removal experiences I’ve had in a while and my nails are happy about that!


I selected five Madam Glam colors, and it should be no surprise that I chose mostly purples and blues.  :)

Glittery Midnight Blue (#125) is the color that I used in the wear test.  It has a blackened teal-leaning blue base with teal shimmer… be still my beating heart.  I love this color, and received so many compliments while wearing it.  I was shocked when this color applied almost completely opaque in one coat on my clear swatch stick.  I’m seriously impressed.

Madam Glam Glittery Midnight Blue swatch by Chickettes.comGlittery Purple (#131) has a very similar formula and finish to the previous color, but is obviously purple instead of teal.   It’s another beauty!

Madam Glam Glittery Purple Blue swatch by Chickettes.comLight Lilac (#324) is self explanatory!  It’s a light lilac cream.  You may recognize this color because I used as the base for my freehand doodle nail art a few days ago… see that post here. I tested this polish for fading since some mauve and lilac colors have issues, but I’m happy to report that the color didn’t change with exposure to sunlight.

Madam Glam Light Lilac swatch by Chickettes.comDream Diamonds (#128) is an absolutely stunning periwinkle blue glitter polish.  It has a sheer blue-tinted base and is loaded with silver and holographic glitter of different sizes.  This swatch is three coats, but it had great coverage with two.  The third coat just pushed it over the top for me in terms of glittery goodness.

Madam Glam Dream Diamonds swatch by Chickettes.comShimmer Sexy Berry (#034) is a pretty shimmery dark red.  I don’t normally wear red, but something about this color called to me.  It’s a great fall/winter color and had the same amazing formula as the other colors. (I don’t see this color available on their site right now, so it may be temporarily out of stock.)

Madam Glam Shimmer Sexy Berry swatch by Chickettes.comIt’s not often that I’m completely smitten, but I think it’s safe to say that I absolutely LOVE Madam Glam gel polishes!  Application and removal were both dreamy, and the durability was also very good aside from a little tip wear.  Madam Glam polishes are priced a little high at $19.95 per bottle, but Chickettes readers can save 30% using coupon code CHICKETTES30.  That makes the prices much more reasonable, and these polishes are well worth it!

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17 Responses

  1. Erica says:

    I first saw Madam Glam on Lulu & Sweetpea back in November I think. I started buying them after seeing them on Lulu & Sweetpea and I absolutely love them too! I have Glittery Purple on its way to me right now, and I’m so glad I chose it because it looks gorgeous, and I have Dream Diamonds which is a stunning colour. I have Seafoam on right now :D

  2. Karen says:

    I was bummed when I first looked at the site and saw those round generic swatches…..thank God I moved the mouse and saw the real nail swatches!!! Love the colors, may order some.

  3. Sarah Walker says:

    So glad I decided to have a catchup on your blog which I haven’t looked at since Christmas. Read this review and fell in love with the blue polishes. I am a complete sucker for glitters. Went over to and caught the last 45 minutes of their sale. I now have 4 gorgeous colours on their way to me with free shipping all the way to the UK, all for under $50!!! Considering the cost of gel polishes here in the UK that’s a real bargain!! Thank you so much for putting up this review and mentioning their sale!

  4. miss kitty says:

    Can you do a comparison between Gelish and Top it Off and Gelish Photo finish Gel? Thank you.

  5. Jennifer Flavell says:

    Thank you so much for the swatches. I fell in love Dream Diamonds and went to the site to purchase and ended up also getting Glittery Emerald. Your 30% off coupon code sealed the deal for me! :)

  6. LisaQ says:

    If you register for an account on their website ( and turn on Newsletter Subscriptions within your account, they send coupons at least once a week. 25% to 50% their regular prices, depending on the offer. Plus they do free shipping on orders over $40! I’m addicted…

  7. Leslie Ann says:

    Hmmm, I don’t see shimmer sexy berry on their site. I love the color. Do you need to use their base and top coat or will it work with Pink Gellach?

  8. Nadia Casanova says:

    The color payoff on the polishes are absolutely great. I’m a mom on the go… so being able to change my nails at home is ideal for me. I would recommend this item to a friend/family.

  9. Leslie Sartor says:

    Have you tried their One Step polishes yet? What about wear? Sorry if you have posted this, would you send the link.
    Leslie Ann

  10. Geri Holder says:

    I have tried them and while most are good, there was one that had fibers and not smooth at all… the name is Vintage Blue, maybe it was just a fluke, but I was disappointed.