LacQit One-Step Gel Polish Review and Swatches

I have an exciting new product to share with my fellow SOG (soak off gel) polish fans… LacQit one-step gel polish.  This polish is different from any other SOG product I have tried to-date in that it only requires two coats of color (NO base coat or top coat) and after curing in an LED light for 30 seconds it’s completely dry to the touch.  You can pull your hand out of the light and run it through your hair without getting a single strand stuck… it doesn’t have any tackiness or require wiping.  This product is great for people that don’t have a lot of time to spend on their nails, but still want the long-lasting effects of gel polish.

LacQit starer kit contents

Guess what… The Nail Scene provided me with two LacQit starter kits!  One for me… and one for you!  This kit is a $59.95 CAD value and contains a pro LED lamp, a full-size bottle of LacQit polish, a bottle of cuticle oil, a timer, two nail buffers and a nail file.  Click here for the GIVEAWAY details!

Now… onto the review!  My first observation about this kit is that it would be really great for traveling and I can guarantee that I will be taking this with me on my two scheduled vacations this year.  The LED light is small enough to fit in your luggage or carry-on and is very lightweight.  Since LacQit doesn’t require a base coat or top coat, there are less items to pack and worry about.  And the application time is lightning fast because you only have to apply two coats of color and cure for 30 seconds for the first coat, and 60 seconds for the second.

The nail buffers had just the right amount of grit… they weren’t too rough and didn’t damage my nails.  I actually like these buffers better than any others that I currently own.  And the cuticle oil is also very soothing and I like the brush application.

The LacQit polish was very easy to apply, and it really is completely dry after just 30 seconds of curing and there isn’t any tackiness to wipe off.  The polish is shiny, although not quite the high gloss shine that you would normally get with a gel top coat.  The polish also doesn’t look or feel as thick as other SOGs.  A lot of times when I wear gel polish people ask me if my nails are fake because they look a bit thick and bulky.  My nails look much more natural with LacQit.  The polish provides a decent amount of strength, but not as much as it would with a top coat.  You could add additional layers for more strength.

LacQit requires less time to soak off than other SOGs and you can also use regular nail polish remover rather than pure acetone if you prefer!  LacQit recommends soaking for 10 minutes, but it was soaking off in less time than that for me using the foil removal technique – on average about 7-10 minutes.  Another time saver!  One other quick thing to note is that LacQit will also cure with a UV light if you already have one, but it takes 3 minutes to cure this way.

As for durability, LacQit is supposed to last for two weeks without chipping or peeling.  I polished my right hand with Poof! You’re Purple and have had it on for 8 days now.  The tips are just barely showing some wear and the finish is a little duller, however to be fair I did play with acetone while swatching my left hand several times this past weekend so that could play a part.  Here are quick pics of my right hand (the ugly hand!)… and these were very hard to take since I’m right-handed!

LacQit Durability Test

The Nail Scene also provided me with a nice selection colors to try and I swatched all of their new spring colors to share with you!

Run for the Pink is a rich shade of pink with a creamy finish.

LacQit Run for the Pink

LacQit Run for the Pink

Mauve Over is a lovely shade of lilac purple.  A great spring color.

LacQit Mauve Over Swatch

LacQit Mauve Over Swatch

Mint in a Minute is a gorgeous minty green.  Mint is very popular right now… loving it.

LacQit Mint in a Minute Swatch

LacQit Mint in a Minute Swatch

Road Trip with Rosie is a shimmery, dark pink.  I really like the finish of this one.

LacQit Road Trip with Rosie Swatch

LacQit Road Trip with Rosie Swatch

Ragtop Red is a very classic, bright red!  This one will get their attention!

LacQit Ragtop Red Swatch

LacQit Ragtop Red Swatch

And speaking of attention getters… how about this NEON pink!  This is Hit the Beach… a very suiting name (pun intended).

LacQit Hit the Beach swatch

LacQit Hit the Beach swatch

Cosmo to Go is the color that came with my kit, and also the color that is included in the giveaway kit.  This is a soft, creamy pink and it a little lighter than Run for the Pink.

LacQit Cosmo To Go Swatch

LacQit Cosmo To Go Swatch

I still have a few other colors to try, but my nails needed a bit of a break.  :)  Just to show you, I swatched these ones on a color wheel.  From left to right, these are Quick Latte, Pop the Cork, Poof! You’re Purple, and Wine N Dine.

And if you’re still reading and want to learn more about LacQit and see how easy it is to use, check out this video.

* Products were provided for review. Opinions are my own.

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14 Responses

  1. Cathy M says:

    This looks really neat. They have a lot of great colors, and it is appealing to try something like this for a vacation. Great review :)

  2. Deanna says:

    oops…I guess I should have posted my comment here!

    Hi Andrea:) I am new to your website and I love it! I read your review about Lacqit and it looks so fast and easy. I am a working mom and I really need my polish to last 2 weeks. Do you think Lacqit will hold up or stick to my Gelish? I also have Red Carpet which is great too!

  3. This is amazing! I’ve wanted to try Soak off Gel for a long time, but you always have to buy so many products to get started and it’s often so expensive to get shipped.. This is awesome! I hope they ship to Denmark ;)

  4. Shirley says:

    Can you use other gel nail polishes with this kit if you use a base and too coat? Their colors do not even come close to what is on the website or even on the bottle. Ended up with 3 shades of pink.

  5. Shirley says:

    Thank you Andrea.

  6. Sofi Reyes says:

    like Shirley I’m also really curious as to whether this polish would work well with a base and top coat from Gelish. I can’t walk independently and use my hands for everything.needless to say my nails get a lot of wear and tear. Lacqit seems great, affordable, and here in Canada where I am, but I really need something the will hold up well Lacqit doest seem quite as durable but I would love to order some if I knew my gelish base and/or top coat would give the lacqit that extra durability (specially at the free edge)
    Absolutely loving your site Andrea, you are turning me into a nail addict! :)

  7. Ivania says:

    I was wondering where can I purchase this product? I have looked on Google and I can’t finds it. I see chickettes has nail polishes but I don’t know if is the same. Thank you so much.

    • Andrea says:

      I believe LacQit has closed up shop.

    • Natasha says:

      Ivania, yes the company is no longer in business. The owner said she has other more profitable endeavors. I have a few Lacqit colors that I’m looking to destash as I have way more gels that I will ever use. Let me know if you are interested.