LeChat La Fleur Collection – Spring 2015

LeChat Perfect Match La Fleur Collection - Spring 2015 - swatches by Chickettes.com

I have swatches of the new LeChat Perfect Match La Fleur Collection today! This new Spring 2015 collection consists of six bright and cheerful colors.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly ready for Spring and some brighter colors.  This winter has been bitter cold and snowy here in Ohio with temperatures dipping well below zero more times than I can count, and snow has covered the ground for more than 8 weeks straight.  Seeing the Spring colors coming out gives me hope that the snow will soon melt and we’ll see grass and flowers instead of this blanket of white and grey.  :)

There are three colors in this collection that have a shimmer finish, and three with a cream finish.  I found that the creams were a bit on the sheer side and were almost a jelly-like in consistency.  The coverage was pretty even, though I preferred the opacity of them with three coats instead of two.  The shimmer finishes had a little better coverage with two coats, though I did apply three coats of each color for these swatches.  I experienced some shrinkback at the tips with all of these polishes, so I flash cured them to hold the color in place.

Sweet Iris is a blue-ish purple cream.  I had a really hard time capturing this color in a photo because my camera was pulling out the blue tones.  In pure daylight it looks more purple than my swatch, but it definitely has blue qualities as well.  It reminds me a lot of Shellac Purple Purple in tone, but without the frosty shimmer finish.  It’s a unique color, and I can’t wait to wear it!

LeChat Perfect Match Sweet Iris - Spring 2015 - swatch by Chickettes.comMorning Melody is a medium blue cream.  This color is in the same family as Gelish One Cool Cat, ibd Swag Bag and Shellac Cerulean Blue.  It’s a touch cooler in tone (less teal), but they’re all very similar.

LeChat Perfect Match Morning Melody - Spring 2015 - swatch by Chickettes.comRose Glow is a very bright, almost neon, red-leaning pink with a cream finish.  This color is similar to Gelish Brights Have More Fun and Shake It Til You Samba.  This color is definitely an attention grabber and is awesome for beach wear!

LeChat Perfect Match Rose Glow - Spring 2015 - swatch by Chickettes.comOrange Blossom is medium orange with a golden shimmer.  This shade reminds me of LeChat Lollipop, but with the added shimmer.  It’s also similar to Gelish Orange Cream Dream, except that OCD has more of a frosty finish instead of the sparkly shimmer.  I’m definitely loving this color.

LeChat Perfect Match Orange Blossom - Spring 2015 - swatch by Chickettes.comPeony Passion is bright medium pink with a golden shimmer.  I compared this color with my other swatches and really can’t find anything quite like it.  I feel like it has some blue-ish undertones to it.  Most of my pinks are either red or purple-toned, and this one stands out from the crowd.

LeChat Perfect Match Peony Passion - Spring 2015 - swatch by Chickettes.comDewdrops is a bright medium green with a golden shimmer finish.  It’s close to Gelish Amazon Flirt in shade and brightness, but it has the added shimmer and better coverage.

LeChat Perfect Match Dewdrops - Spring 2015 - swatch by Chickettes.com

Be sure to visit the LeChat website to find a distributor near you!

Tell me which colors are your favorites in the comments below!

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25 Responses

  1. Irina says:

    Dewdrops is really pretty! I love green but I never used it alone on my nails, only as part of a design.

  2. Alethea says:

    Are these like other perfect matches that come with a RNP? If so I can’t wait for Rose Glow!

  3. Nia says:

    Hey Andrea, am I completely out of the loop, or did gelish not release a 2015/year of the sheep duo? I remember there being a dragon, snake, and horse duo in the past. If they didn’t, do you happen to know why? Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with LeChat, but your mention of springtime made me wonder. =D

    • Andrea says:

      I did some Googling and found that there is a Year of the Sheep set! It’s one red color that has a matching Morgan Taylor shade. http://www.nailsupplies.us/harmony-gelish-happy-new-year-2015-collection-2-pack/

    • Andrea says:

      … and for the record, this doesn’t excite me because all of their red creams look exactly the same to me. ;)

      • Nia says:

        Man oh man, you’re amazing!!! I swear I looked for a month and a half and I couldn’t find it. Thanks SO SO much, you’re the best!! I was able to find a swatch by smoke and mirrors (hope Im allow to mention others here, if not sorry) after I went to your link with the gelish name. She described it as a “jelly” and “coco-cola red.” It looks like a red orange to me, which is different than my other 8 reds, lol. Red is also my fave color, so I could be biased, but I really really like it. Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling, lol. Thanks a bunch Andrea!! =D

  4. Jessica says:

    Wow! I knew that I wanted Sweet Iris and Rose Glow but now I think I’ll have to get Peony Passion, too!! Thanks for the great swatches once again!

  5. Sandy says:

    I was excited about this collection before, but I’m so glad you gave us your usual great examples of swatches and descriptions. Dewdrops, Sweet Iris, and Rose Glow are especially tempting!

  6. I am normally a sucker for blues but Peony Passion is gorgeous!

  7. Petra says:

    These shades are all fantastic! Love them!

  8. Tiane Jarvis says:

    Is morning melody similar to Revel Honeymoon? Thanks x

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, they’re almost exact dupes. Thanks for bringing that color up. I have my Revel swatches on a separate ring so I forgot to include them when I was comparing :)

  9. Jenna Martinich says:

    I love orange blossom, peony passion and dewdrops! I’m bummed they aren’t on amazon. I usually only buy gelish brand but I would love to get these three colors. Do you have to be a certified nail tech to buy Lechat? Thanks for your swatches! I buy all my polish off of your blog, I’m totally addicted and I just got into gel polish two months ago!
    Thanks for your blog I love love love it!

  10. Elia says:

    Hi there! I love what you do! After trying you compare these colors to other swatches of LeChat and CND, I noticed your swatch galleries for those brands haven’t been updated. The Gelish gallery is amazing and up-to-date! Thank you for all you do! I know you’re busy, but if you get a chance to update other galleries that would be even more awesome than you already are!

  11. Cat says:

    Do you use the Rpn on you’re toes in this brand ? Or do you use gel polish ? I rarely ware gel on my toes and if so only Cnd Shellac due to the easy quick removal.

  12. Denise says:

    Does this brand work with Gelish base and top coat??