Glow-in-the-Dark Spiderweb Nail Art for Halloween

Gel II Rave Glow-in-the-Dark Gel Polish - Halloween Nail Art by Chickettes.comI picked up a bottle of Gel II Rave Glow in the Dark gel polish to play with.  This is a clear gel polish with a slight green tint that glows in the dark after charging in the sun or indoor light.   Rave has a matte finish after the tackiness is wiped off.  I opted not to apply a glossy top coat over this manicure because I loved the matte appearance.

For this look I applied two coats of Pink Gellac Beautiful Black on three of my nails and stamped them with a spiderweb pattern from the Cheeky Happy Holidays stamping plate.  On my ring finger and thumb I applied two coats of Pink Gellac Sunshine Yellow and then created a gradient by brushing CND Shellac Lush Tropics onto the tips.  I applied a very thin coat of FingerPaints Lots of Luau over the nails to add a bit of glitter, and then drew a spider using a black stamping polish.  I added two coats of Gel II Rave over all of my nails to give them a good glow effect.

Gel II Rave Glow-in-the-Dark Gel Polish - Halloween Nail Art by Chickettes.comMy lightbox really charged up the glow-in-the-dark polish creating a great glow.  The glow started off really strong, but did fade within a minute or two.  They glowed for quite a while though the glow was faint after a few minutes.  I tested Rave over dark and light gel polish colors – it glows over all colors, but the glow is more vibrant when applied over light colors.  Note that the green tint can alter the base color slightly, and the polish may need to be shaken before using.  When I first applied Rave the results were splotchy – that was because my polish had separated.  After giving it a good shake it went on nice and evenly.

gelii-glow-in-the-dark-3What do you think of this?  I see lots of fun possibilities for Halloween nail art!


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2 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    Have it and love it my little one loves to have it on clear and then charge it super glow!!

  2. Laura says:

    Hehehe. Cute. I’ve got a bottle of lacquer like this, and when I paint for little girls, I always end up having to put a layer of it on top. Because why not, I suppose. :)