VIDEO: Turquoise Nails Using Pink Gellac & Sharpie Markers

Turquoise Nails using gel polish & Sharpie markers. Video tutorial at Chickettes.comI created this turquoise nail art look using gel polish and a Sharpie marker.  I’ve seen lots of tutorials on creating turquoise nails with water marbling, but I wanted something a little easier that I can do in the salon without making a huge mess.  I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out, but the technique may still need a bit of refinement.  I think the gold flecks could also be done with foils, which I may try next time.

I made a video that shows how to recreate this look, which you can watch below.  And here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Prep your nails (file, push cuticles, buff, cleanse)
  2. Apply Pink Gellac Base2 and cure for 30 seconds (LED)
  3. Apply two coats of Pink Gellac Gipsy Blue and cure each for 60 seconds (LED)
  4. Dab a bit of gold polish onto the nails using China Glaze Passion & a balled up piece of plastic wrap
  5. Allow to dry for a minute or two
  6. Apply a layer of Pink Gellac Ultra Shine NO-WIPE top coat and cure for 60 seconds (LED)
  7. Using a black Sharpie marker, draw some vein lines onto the nail
  8. Use a small brush or sponge and dab alcohol onto the lines to soften them
  9. Then refine the lines with a straight-edge brush and alcohol by pushing the lines inward
  10. Repeat steps 7, 8 & 9 to darken the lines
  11. Apply Pink Gellac Ultra Shine NO-WIPE top coat and cure for 60 seconds (LED)

If you try this technique, I’d love to see it. Post a link in the comments, or tag me in a picture on Instagram or Facebook! :) And if you have any suggestions for improvement, please share.

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6 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    I think this is one of the best turqoise nails i’ve seen thus far. also gives me an excuse to order more! ;)

  2. Laura says:

    Ooo. Makes me want to try it with this color. Any reason you used the no-wipe topcoat other than it matching the color?

    • Andrea says:

      It’s just one less step. I didn’t have to wipe the tacky layer before drawing my lines or after applying the final top coat.

  3. Trippy Wonderworld says:

    Woohooo!!! I’m officially your follower now!

    I found your blog a while ago, but I decided to read all your posts and all the comments under your posts before I subscribe. It took me five days to read everything (well, everything except NailArt. I’m going to do that “homework” later, when I’m done learning basics of gel polish application). I had a notebook next to me while reading and wrote some questions I need to ask you. I wanted to make sure I don’t ask something you’ve already answered somewhere on your blog. I’ll try to place those questions under the right category/post, so that your followers can read your answers.l, and I hope you’ll find the time to answer.

    I just started doing my list of colors for my first basic gelpolish collection, so I hope you’ll help me with advices, because right now I can’t afford so many shades of same colors, so I have to limit myself on just a few (for instance one perfect baby blue, one perfect glitter blue, one perfect dark blue, one perfect shimmery blue etc.)

    What I like the most about you is probably that you are so organized and your blog is very informative and helpful! It’s really something that’s very appreciated in the world of gel polishes, both for proffesionals and DIYers!

    English is not my native language and I’m sorry if I made some mistakes, but try to read between the lines if I write something that makes no sense. :D

    Ciao (for now) from Stockholm!
    Trippy Wonderworld

    • Andrea says:

      Welcome, Trippy! Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. I’m glad you found my posts and photos helpful in your gel polish adventures. I always try to answer questions, so I will keep an eye out for your comments. :)

  4. Kelli says:

    I’m a gemstone lover and this is just right up my alley. I’ve never been that inspired to want to do nail art before but now I am so inspired to try and make my nails look like a gemstone I love… so cool. Thanks for the inspiration!!