SuperNail ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection Swatches - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Fall 2014ProGel just released the new Pretty in Punk Collection for Fall which contains eight edgy shades with various types of finishes including creams, shimmers and glitters.  I learned about this collection during my trip to Cosmoprof, and knew I had to have it when it came out.  This was actually my first time using the ProGel brand, and so far I’m very impressed.  I will be conducting a wear test in the near future, but for now I can only talk about the application of this brand. Seven out of eight of these swatches have just two coats of color.  The only exception is Nirvana Nights, the grey metallic-looking shade – that one has three coats because it was a little sheer.  All of the other colors had really good coverage with just two coats.  They all applied really well, with no shrinkage.  The brush was perfect for a three-stroke application and it was very easy to control and get into the curves without making a mess.  The top coat also has a great high-gloss shine. Most of the colors are pretty unique, but some are similar to shades that I already own.  I’ll mention any similarities as we look at each individual color.  The ProGel brand is super affordable at just under $7/bottle on Amazon, so these are a great buy! Rebel & Romance is a very pretty, light, shimmery lilac shade.  It’s a little on the pink side, but it’s more purple than pink.  This is a pretty unique shade compared to others that I own. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Rebel & RomanceVelvet Underground is one of the two glittery shades in the collection.  This is a great berry color with really fine glitter.  The color is similar to Gelish Rendezvous, but the glitter makes it different.  Velvet Underground and Miss Mischief had a different texture than most of the other colors in the collection.  The fine glitter made them a little gritty.  They went on well though and were super glossy after adding the top coat. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Velvet UndergroundMiss Mischief is the other glitter polish that I just mentioned.  This is a nice dark purple.  The closest color that I have to this shade is Gelish Night Reflection, but again it has a different finish. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Miss MischiefTeal Dawn is a shimmery teal-leaning grey.  This seems to be one of the trends that we’re seeing this fall… there are a lot of different shades of grey being released.  I know this doesn’t look grey on my nails – it looks more teal, but when this color is compared against other shades it definitely looks more grey than teal.  I think the shade of my skin makes the undertone colors pop more on these grey-ish shades.  I don’t own any colors that are quite like this one. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Teal DawnNirvana Nights is a shimmery steel grey.  I had to give this color a really good shake with my Robart to get it blended well.  This is the one color in the collection that needed three coats for the best coverage.  Nirvana Nights is similar to Gelish Midnight Caller, but it’s more of a true grey tone and Midnight Caller looks a little blue-ish when they are side-by-side. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Nirvana NightsSecret Scene is a hard-to-describe neutral color.  It’s sort of a brown/purple/taupe combo.  It’s in the same color family as ibd Smokey Plum, but is several shades lighter.  I have this swatch stick paired up with my browns and taupes. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Secret SceneGrunged Groupie is a gorgeous, shimmery, chocolate brown.  This color is very, very similar to Gelish’s fall color Whose Cider Are You On. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Grunged GroupieAmped is a metallic-looking shimmery bronze shade.  It’s different from other colors in my collection, but the finish is most like Gelish Oh What a Knight.  Amped is darker and more brown-toned. - ProGel Pretty in Punk Collection - Amped Do you have any favorites from the Pretty in Punk collection?

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11 Responses

  1. Sally Kinder, RN, CPA says:

    Grunted Groupie is my favorite of these! I can’t wait to hear your opinion on the wear and soak-off! You are the Gel Guru!!

  2. Sally Kinder, RN, CPA says:

    Darn autocorrect!!

  3. Jeanette says:

    Thanks Andrea! Perfect timing because I was just wondering about those.

    Coudl you do a comparison between the Gelish brown and this one? (grunged groupie) I want to order one and now I’m wondering which to get. Thx!

  4. Stacie says:

    Thanks for all of the swatches! :o) How does the color of Rebel & Romance compare to IBD’s Cashmere Cutie? I see that Rebel & Romance has a shimmer and I know that Cashmere Cutie is a creme just would like to know if they are close in color.

  5. Sara says:

    I’m digging Miss Mischief! I don’t have any dark sparkly purples like that.

  6. Velvet Underground is really beautiful!

  7. Danielle says:

    Love love love these! Miss Mischief is gorgeous. Can I ask, did you use the Progel base and top coats for these?

  8. Denise says:

    As always, love the reviews. I bought Secret Scene, Grunged Groupie, City Lights, and the base and top coat. Getting great wear. FYI, I found it at for $5.95