Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter Color Changing Polish

Can’t… stop… staring… at… my… nails!  Wait until you see this.  Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter is a color changing gel polish that goes from clear to black based on the temperature of your hands.  You apply two coats over top of any base color and it goes clear to show the color underneath when your hands are warm, and is black when your hands are cold.  In my pics below, you can see that there are also some transitional stages.  I am so in love with this, and hope they make some other colors available other than just clear-to-black.  The base color seen in this demo is Tiki Tiki Laranga from Gelish.  I found Shade Shifter available for sale on Amazon.com.

I made a quick video to show you how this works.

Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter

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23 Responses

  1. Kripa says:

    This is so awesome! I always want to bust out my UV lamp and go back to doing some gel manis when I look at your nails. Now this really makes me want to do that!

  2. jacqui says:

    Hi may I ask for all the nail polishes that you used in here and the steps :) I really wanna try this. Such a great video :) thanks

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Jacqui. I applied my Gelish Foundation and two coats of Tiki Tiki Laranga, and then applied two coats of Shade Shifter over top (curing each coat in the UV light). Then I applied the top coat.

  3. Yep, I just bought this damn you! lol

  4. Stavriana Gr. says:

    where can I find this? I’m from Greece!

  5. jamie says:

    where did you buy this set from? do you need the UV light thing to do it?

  6. Lea says:

    LOVE THIS! But not interested in the gel aspect. Is there anything like this (turns clear to reveal underneath color) that isn’t gel?

    • Andrea says:

      I only know of a few color changing polishes like the Ruby Wing brand, but none that work exactly like Shade Shifter.

  7. Phuong says:

    There is another brand of gel polish that changes with temperatures that is awesome!! I was always starring at my nails. I can’t think of the name of it right now but my parents have it at their salon so I sneak and use it! ;) The bottle is similar to Gelish’s bottles.

  8. Casey says:

    Has anyone ever tried using Shade Shifter UNDER gel polish? I just bought the Shade Shifter (This is all your fault, Chickettes!! :) ), but now I’m hesitant to use it, because I don’t really want black nails! But it would be cool if the Shade Shifter could go underneath and just darken whatever color you have on top…Does that make sense to anyone else?

  9. Dulce says:

    So the base color HAS to be a gel polish? It can’t be normal nail polish?

  10. Belle says:

    Ok, what I cant figure out is why the gel shifter comes only in black? I saw a picture of dark green going to light green but I cant seem to find any green shdae of gel shifter, only one color.. am i missing something here? Kinda new at this so would apprecite all the help I can get…

    • Andrea says:

      You apply shade shifter over a color, so it must have been applied over green. I have never seen it in any other colors, but there are other mood polishes with different colors out there. Check out the LeChat mood gels.

  11. Elyse says:

    I bet you could do some amazing designs with this! like a lace design that would only show up at certain times … tricky part is that it would have to black while applying it.