Madam Glam Cat Eye Gel Polish

My latest obsession is Madam Glam’s new cat eye gel polish… OMG.  It’s a magnetic gel polish that gives off an amazing cat eye effect that shifts with movement.  The effect is amazingly stunning and mesmerizing!  I bought 10 bottles as soon as I learned about them and they’ve been a huge hit in the salon.  I had seen the cat eye effect on Instagram accounts of nail techs in other countries, but this is the first brand that I was able to find in the States… and you know I already love the MG brand.

This is my current mani – I used a cat eye gel called The Affair over a coat of black.  The orange color on the ring finger is a new color from the Pink Gellac Fall collection called Burnt Amber, which will be launching any day now at the Boutique.  ;)  The two stamp patterns are from UberChic Beauty’s new Fall plate, and the stamping polishes are from Mundo de Unas. nail art using Madam Glam cat eye gel polish

The Madam Glam instructions say to apply one coat of the cat eye polish over black and magnetize before curing (they sell the special magnet separately).  I’ve been doing some experimentation with base colors and techniques and have found that you can use different base colors for alternate looks.  For example, I like to use a dark navy under the blue for a more intense blue shade.

I normally will apply the cat eye gel to one or two nails at a time, magnetize, and then flash cure for a few seconds to freeze the effect.  If you leave the magnetized polish on the nail for too long the effect will diminish as the pigments disperse.  Also, some of the colors are a little runny and will pool into the cuticle area if left sitting on the nail for too long.  Flash curing solves these issues for a perfect finish every time!  Also, you can hold the magnet at different angles to add the lighter line wherever you prefer.  You can create a subtle vertical line down the center of the nail or add a diagonal stripe as I prefer to do since it makes the effect a little more obvious.

Madam Glam cat eye gel polish colors -

I picked up 10 colors total as seen above.  Each of the colors shown on the wheel were swatched over black with the magnet held diagonally.  The 10 colors from left to right are:  The Affair (black/silver), Born to Be a Star (dark silvery brown), Sing the Blues (gold), Obsessed (orange), Un Bacio (red), Poetry (teal), Look the in the Eye (blue), No Doubt (pink-toned purple), Round the Clock (grey-toned purple), and Flying Purple (dark purple).

Below is a short video that I posted on Instagram that shows the swatches in motion.

Here are some of the client looks that I have created with cat eye gels:

cat-eye-6This is LeChat Heart & Soul, a nude with golden shimmer.  Each hand has one cat-eye effect using The Affair over black, and then dark grey stamps using images from Messy Mansion plate MM32.

cat-eye-5This is Madam Glam Look Me in the Eye cat eye polish over a dark navy blue.  Two of the nails have a holographic powder from ColorCraze2000.  (The holo effect is for another post).

cat-eye-4This is Madam Glam The Affair over black.

cat-eye-3These cute Fall nails were created using Madam Glam Obsessed cat eye over a dark orange base.  The gold accent nail is Madam Glam Stardust, and the stamps are from UberChic Beauty.

cat-eye-2I’m having a hard time remembering which purple this is, but I believe it was Madam Glam Round the Clock.  The holo powder is Prism Glacier from Social Claws, and then I did a sharpie marble with a stamp from UberChic Beauty.

cat-eye-1This is one of my personal favorites – Madam Glam Poetry cat eye over black.  The yellow polish is LeChat Golden Boy-Friend and the Egyptian stamps are from the Messy Mansion MM32 plate.

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8 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    The code is not working for me. Any tips?

    • Andrea says:

      I’m sorry – it’s possible that the code may have expired. I will have to check with the brand. You may also inquire with them. I believe they offer 40% off of your first order.

  2. Kim says:

    I love these colors, i will be buying a few for fall. Thank you for your posts. I look forward to seeing more in the future. Do any Magnet Stick work for these Cat Eye Magnet Gel polishes

  3. Hi,
    I love these colors, i will be buying a few for fall. Thank you for your posts

  4. Donna says:

    Hi! I currently have the CND Shellac system. Will the Cat Eye polish cure correctly with the cured shellac beneath, or is it imperative that I use all gel products? Thx!

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t tried it, but in general I find most brands to be compatible. I’ve used Shellac colors with other base/top coats, etc so I’m fairly certain this wouldn’t be a problem.

  5. I never heard of the nail art technique with magnet. Looks great, though. Especially purple gel polish.