Lilac & Lace Nails

I was browsing the nail section at Walgreens the other day and this SensatioNail color called my name very loudly!  The color is SensatioNail Heirloom Lilac and it’s the lightest shade of lilac that I now own.  It has a very subtle shimmer, and I added some extra sparkle by applying a coat of Ink Diamond Snow over top of it.  Ink Diamond Snow has a golden shimmer, which wasn’t picked up very well in my pictures.

I decided that something delicate like lace would look pretty with it, so I dug through my stamping plates looking for a lace pattern.  I didn’t quite find what I wanted so I ended up layering two different stamps from my Cheeky Jumbo plates to get this effect.  I stamped these designs right over my foundation gel for a natural look.  I started off with a fine honeycomb pattern from Jumbo plate #5 Musical Notes, and then I applied a floral pattern over top from Jumbo Plate #3 European Romance.

On my middle finger I applied a gold gradient from the tip using my Glam & Glits Sparkling Gold pigment powder (press sample), and then stamped part of the same floral pattern onto the tip of the nail.  I love how delicate this mani feels! Lilac & Lace Lilac & Lace Nails

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7 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Lovely as usual!

  2. Della says:

    This is a very pretty color. Love it as always!

  3. Vic says:

    It’s all so beautiful!

  4. London says:

    Beautiful work! I have HL on right now and I’m obsessed. I topped w/two coats of Gelish Feel Me On Your Fingertips for added strength (and sparkle) since I find SensatioNail leaves my nails a little flexible. It’s had me in a bright mood all week.. I love the subtle sparkle you chose here though – that would be much easier to get away with at work! Thanks for the pretty update!

  5. adele van der mescht says:

    Hi Andrea

    The honeycombe effect on the staming plate, is it nice and big coz some plates is too small for even my nails .

    • Andrea says:

      I think the stamp is a decent size – it’s a jumbo plate with large images. But I don’t know what your nails look like to say for sure ;)