Light Pink Gel Polish Swatches Light Pink Gel Polish Swatches

Hi everyone.  I’m working through all of my untried polishes to get them swatched, and today I have some light pinks to show you.  Pinks and mauves are known to have fading issues, so I did fade tests on all of these polishes and I’m happy to report that none of them had issues.  They are listed below from lightest to darkest (I think).  I also have some medium pink polishes that are a few shades darker than these that I’ll be swatching in the next week or so.

This is ibd Just Gel Polish I’m No Damsel, the lightest pink that I currently own.  It has a nice creamy finish and is pretty opaque with three coats.  It still had some visible nail line with just two coats, so you could wear it with two coats but it would be a little more sheer.  This pink is so pale that it almost looks white in some lights… it’s a really nice, soft color.

ibd Just Gel Polish - I'm No Damselibd Just Gel Polish - I'm No DamselThis is ibd Just Gel Polish North Wind.  It’s also very pale, but it has a slight blue-ish tint to it and has a frosty finish.  It will show your brush lines if you don’t apply carefully in long strokes.  It still shows just a touch of visible nail line after three coats.

ibd Just Gel Polish - North Windibd Just Gel Polish - North WindGelaze Diva Bride is also a pale pink, and I think it appears to have a bit of a peachy tint to it.  I really love this color and think it would be great for spring and Easter.  It’s a little sheer and also just barely shows some visible nail line after three coats.

Gelaze by China Glaze - Diva BrideGelaze by China Glaze - Diva BridePan-Duh is another frosty light pink by ibd.  This color is a little richer pink than the others from ibd.  This frosty finish will also show brushstrokes if not applied carefully.

ibd Just Gel Polish: Pan-Duhibd Just Gel Polish: Pan-DuhAnd lastly, this is Artistic Colour Gloss Glisten.  Glisten has a nice shimmer finish and is opaque in two to three coats.  Glisten reminds me of Gelish Light Elegant, except it’s a little more pink and Light Elegant leans a little peachy. The finish is very similar though.

Artistic Color Gloss - GlistenArtistic Color Gloss - GlistenAnd here is a comparison picture of all of my light pinks next to one another.  You can click on the image below to see it in a larger size.  I no longer own the ones that have X’s marked on them.  You’re So Sweet is a fader and this is shown in it’s faded state. Light Pink Gel Polish Comarisons

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13 Responses

  1. Jolien says:

    i love reading this

  2. Patricia says:

    OMG!!! These are all so very pretty nail colors. I find them so classy and perfect for Summer/Spring.

  3. Anna says:

    What’s your opinion on the Artistic Colour Gloss brand? Have you done a wear test on it? Thanks :)

  4. Diana says:

    I bought IBD’s i’m no damsel and did 3 coats, which it did come out opaque. but I wanted to know how do you paint it where there is no streaking? seems even with 3 coats I can see the streaking with this color..

    • Erika says:

      I had the same trouble with streaking, but it was actually the brush’s fault. I used another brush from a CND Shellac polish, and then the IBD polish went on beautifully! You may want to try that – it’s kind of a pain, but worth it to me b/c I love the color “I’m No Damsel”.

  5. Diana says:

    Erika, Thanks for the advice. I will try it with a shellac brush.. I love the color too but I hated the streaking

  6. Cara says:

    I love this Colour in Artistic Colour Gloss range. I use the Artistic Colour Gloss Range. This is one of the colours I have and have done on many of my clients. :-)

  7. Lisa says:

    Have you ever tried using Gelaze with the Gelish foundation and top it off? I love the colour that you have above, but I’m not sure if would work with Gelish. What do you think? Thanks :)

  8. Connie says:

    What kind of nail lamp do you use?