Julep New Year’s Mystery Box Swatches

Well as you can see I just couldn’t wait to try out the new polishes that I got in my Julep mystery box.  I thought I would just try out one or two today, but I ended up swatching all five of them!  I’m really pleased with this box… all of the colors are gorgeous.

I’m going to start with the polish that I thought was my least favorite in the bottle, but turned out to be one of my favorites once applied.  This is Lauren, a HOT pink with a creme finish.  I’m normally not a fan of bright polishes, but I really like this.  It applied very smoothly and was pretty opaque with two coats, but I applied a third coat for good measure.

Julep Lauren SwatchJulep Lauren Swatch

This is Sienna, a gorgeous shimmery gold.  This one also had a great formula and only required two coats.

Julep Sienna Swatch

Julep Sienna Swatch

This is Cindy, an emerald green with gold micro-glitter.  I wish I had this one before Christmas, it would be great for some holiday nail art.  :)  The little micro-glitters sure did get all over the place during removal though!  It took a bit of work to get rid of it all.

Julep Cindy SwatchJulep Cindy Swatch

This is Georgia, a shimmery peach.

Julep Georgia SwatchJulep Georgia Swatch

And last, but not least, this is a mystery color with no name.  This one has a semi-clear base with a grey/black tint and is loaded with different sized glitters.  There are teeny tiny black glitters, and then larger orange and other metallic glitters.  This one reminds me a bit of Halloween.  I applied one coat of the mystery polish over two coats of OPI Black Onyx.

Julep Mystery SwatchJulep Mystery Swatch

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4 Responses

  1. beachgal says:

    Thanks for the swatches – I still have not gone with Julep – I got turned off when they had their start up issues and now I keep hearing that it’s not always all polishes but other products in the box which do not interest me. Curious what the name of this pink one is – does not say in your review (oops – or maybe it’s called HOT?) – also the one that you said is a gold is looking silver to me – is it like Zoya Ziv where it’s a gold with silver in it and the camera just picked up the silver and not the gold?

    • Andrea says:

      Oops, the pink one is called “Lauren”. I did leave that off and will add it now :) The gold one isn’t as yellow gold as Zoya Ziv, but it’s definitely not as silvery as it looks in the pics.

    • Andrea says:

      Also, the Julep boxes usually have 2-3 polishes and then one or two other items, but I have been pretty pleased with the product I’ve received so far. You can view the boxes before they are shipped out and select a different one if you want – I normally go for the ones with more polishes in them. Or you can skip a box all together if you don’t like any of the options for that month. I skipped my January box because they were nudes and neons which didn’t appeal to me.

  2. Isabelle Ferrand says:

    I also purchased the Mystery box and I like it. My favorite is probably Cindy — great for the Pantone 2013 Color of the Year which is emerald. I didn’t receive Lauren in my box, instead I received Stella which is a mustard/yellow creme. I wish i had gotten Lauren instead lol :)