ibd Just Gel Polish Swatch Gallery

This is a summary of all of the ibd Just Gel Polishes that I have swatched to-date.  I will update this page on an ongoing basis as I swatch new colors. Click on the images to see larger photos, and click on the links to view or purchase the items on Amazon.com. The Amazon links are affiliate links, and I earn a small commission on each order that is placed through my links.  I would like to thank you in advance if you order through any of these links as the commissions help me be able to afford to purchase more colors to swatch!

Chickettes photos may not be used to sell products without authorization.  If you share my swatch images please DO NOT ALTER them, leave the watermarks in place and provide a link back to www.chickettes.com!  Please read this policy for more information.

Full Blu-um

Full Blu-um

Yacht-a Yacht-a Yacht-a

Yacht-a Yacht-a Yacht-a

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24 Responses

  1. Judi says:

    Have you swatched the Social Lights Collection?

  2. Miss kitty says:

    I really like IBD gels. I have the swag bag and matching RNP to match they sell with selected colors.

  3. Fania says:

    I tried to order but they are not international sellers :/

    • Miss kitty says:

      On eBay search. Ibd international sellers. Once you find a product scroll down and it should say “ships world wide”. Then view their items to see what they have.

  4. Miss kitty says:


  5. Miss kitty says:

    Soooooooooo, I just did an experiment and it worked out GREAT.

    So I just saw the product Gelit which is 20.00 bottle of clear gel which you add to regular nail polish and it makes it a gel. So I took 40% top coat and 60% regular nail polish and put on a tiny china tray I have and stirred the 2 products together. Then took an acrylic brush and applied it to a clear plastic knife ( which I use as test stips) and put under my UV lamp for 2 minutes. Did this several times then top coated it like I would do on my nails then alcohol wiped it and it was perfect. Next time I will try 70% top coat and 30% polish. I think as long as yor mixture doesn’t dry like regular polish would your formula will work.

    So now I can make any color gel I want and have the exact color regular polish for my toes. Saved me 20.00 not buying Gelit also.

    • Miss kitty says:

      CORRECTION to the above: I meant to type I would use 70% regular nail polish and 30% top coat next time! sorry.

  6. Judi says:

    Wow, Miss kitty. That sounds genius!! I’ll have t try it.

  7. Miss kitty says:

    It his opens a whole new world. I would say do the 70/30 on a sample and zap it. Then step it it the 60/40 by adding top coat only if needed. More top coat reduces the opaqueness of the color. Heck maybe 80/20 works also, I just didn’t try it yet.

  8. shira says:

    Which gel base and top coat do you like the most and recommend to use? (that can be used with all tipes of gel)

  9. Jenni says:

    Hi Andrea
    Have you used ibd powerbond? I used it a couple of weeks ago for the first time and when I came to remove my polish tonight, it just would not come off. I used the Gelish soak off remover and that bond didn’t budge! I ended up using an orange wood stick to scratch it off and then had to buff the rest off. It has taken me the best part of 2 hours to do it. Any suggestions??

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t used that product, but I believe it’s a primer. Primers do make removal more difficult and should only be used if you have issues with premature lifting or chipping. Only apply it to the problem area of your nail (tips usually) and don’t apply it to the whole nail or removal could be extremely difficult, which you have experienced.

      • Jenni Margrate says:

        Thanks Andrea. I watched their online video showing how to remove it, which is how I did it anyway, but no way does it come off. Now I know for next time

  10. Tanya says:

    Hi Andrea, I really like the IBD color line but I’m just unsure about which is better, IBD or Gelish. Can you help me decide which brand should be my go to? Or do you have better recommendations? I don’t like using 3 coats as sometimes I have to.

    • Andrea says:

      Both brands usually require three coats. The ibd brushes are a little more stiff which I think makes it more difficult to apply evenly. I usually prefer Gelish over ibd.

  11. Tiffany says:

    What is the whitest white that you would say IBD just gel polish carries? Whipped cream?

  12. ieva says:

    hi girls I have a bit of problem. I have many ibd gels I love ibd colors. but it doesn’t work for me. applying. I use gelish foundation and then ibd gel polish. but every time I use ibd gel polish it goes streaky. can anyone help me please? I thought there was problem in my lamp I use uv ligh. but I changed lamps and everything still the same. it cures only few parts of nail. is it because of gelish foundation? it does cover nail after tome bit i have to put at least 6 coats for ex nude color. help please. I really want to find out answer.

    • Andrea says:

      Ibd’s brushes are a bit stiff and can leave streaks in the polish. Try polishing with a very light touch and just float the brush over the nail to get an even finish. Using Gelish base/top should not be an issue.

  13. ieva says:

    thanks for answer andrea. but i tried that aswel. and when i do that it doesnt cure under the light because its too thick. or if it does normal looks okay then when i wipe the tacky layer off theres some patches that doesnt cure pretty much at all. is gelish base coat the same as foundation ? and will it make any changes if i will use led light instead of uv?

  14. ieva says:

    just in case somebody had same problem like me i found a exolanation to all my problems. uv lamp doesnt really work woth ibd gel colors. gel itself is perfect with uv light. but LED light does perfect job for ibd gel colors. have no streaks or any lumps or anythibg at all.

  15. Sharon Cruz says:

    I love IBD gels. They are so affordable and excellent quality, in many cases less costly than regular nail polish. Would love to see more swatches of their recent collections. My local salons use this brand the most. Thanks!