Gelish Zig Zag Skittlette Manicure

This is a fun mani using three Gelish colors; Carnival Hangover, Sheek White, and Black Shadow. The zig zag pattern was created using these tape/stickers that I purchased on ebay.  The studs on the pinky are from Born Pretty.  I think the look is fairly simple, but also sleek and sexy! Zig Zag Skittlette Manicure Zig Zag Skittlette Manicure

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4 Responses

  1. That pinkie nail…. OMG!

  2. Nancy says:

    Love this mani! I have to ask – how do you get such perfect cleanup with Gel polish? I always do my cleanup before curing, but then it seems to spread out to the sides a little too much sometimes while under the lights. I have Black Shadow on now (with Vegas nights on top – love the sparkle!), but mine didn’t turn out nearly as clean as yours! I also have trouble with gel-on-gel nail art (how do you get the clean lines with the tape? Mine seems to seep under somehow). Thanks for helping! Love your blog!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Nancy. I just apply very carefully and clean around the edges with a brush and acetone before curing. When using tape be sure to wipe off the tacky layer before applying the tape. I actually like applying a thin layer of top coat, curing, wiping off the tacky layer and then applying tape because it sticks best to the top coat. Then when you paint over the tape, cure it under the light for at least 10 seconds before removing the tape.

  3. Lisa L says:

    Are there any downsides to curing entirely before removing the tape?