Gelish Trends – Sweet 16 & Girls’ Night Out

I’m working my way through these Trends. The two that I have for you today are dense glitter toppers similar to Party Girl Problems & Getting Gritty With It (see those swatches here).  The first one is Sweet 16 which is a multi-colored glitter topper, but the dominant color is light pink.  I also see some blue and silver glitter in there, and there may be other colors as well.  This is three coats of Sweet 16 with no base color underneath.  I really love these dense glitter toppers!  My lightbox washes out a bit of the sparkle and makes them look a bit matte, but I can tell you that these definitely sparkle and shine in the light!

Gelish Trends - Sweet 16

Gelish Trends - Sweet 16

This is Girls’ Night Out.  It’s also multi-colored but silver is the dominant color.  I also see some specks of blue and red throughout.  I really wish I could show you in pictures how truly sparkly it is.  Soooo gorgeous!  Again, this is three coats of the glitter topper with no base color underneath.

Gelish Trends - Girls' Night Out

Gelish Trends - Girls' Night Out

8 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Lovely swatches as always. Thanks for doing both my requests so quickly!

    Glad I have Girl’s Night Out in my drawer ready to try — it looks great, and different to the other silver one, Am I Making You Gelish (which I also have). Sweet 16 is also nice, and having tried out Getting Gritty With It and being impressed, I may add this to my collection.

    The only thing I have issue with regarding the Trends glitters is they look great at a distance, but when I look close up, there are bits where I can see my nail underneath, especially at the tip. I tried a colour underneath, which looked great, but obviously had a different effect. Do you have any advice on getting such great coverage as you have here?

    • Andrea says:

      I also have some clear patches near the tips – the glitter doesn’t want to stick there for some reason. It’s not really noticeable from a distance as you said and is hardly noticeable even in my pictures, but I can see the spaces.

  2. Tiane says:

    Is this similar to sledding in style? Would you be able to do a colour comparison? Love your swatches, so many thanks for your fantastic work Andrea x

  3. Arlene says:

    These glitter toppers make great accent nails. My only problem is that I can’t take my eyes off of them. They would be beautiful additions to any mani. Both are going on my wish list!

  4. Girls’ Night Out is gorgeous!

  5. Lisa says:

    Are all of your Trends polishes the normal size (.5 oz)? I purchased 2 of the minis, (which I rarely do, but I needed a new color ASAP) Girls Night Out and #PartyGirlProblems. I had high hopes for them since your swatches are always so true to my experiences, but the feel like the Minis (got mine from Sally’s) have a lot less glitter and more clear, if that makes sense? I did 3 coats of #PGP and it didn’t even begin to cover my nail. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

    • Andrea says:

      Mine are a mix of minis and full size bottles – the two that you mentioned I have in full size. I’ve never compared a mini with a full size side-by-side, so I don’t know if there’s a difference in the formula or glitter/base ratio. I had to apply pretty thick coats to get the coverage shown in my swatches.