Gelish The Big Chill Collection Swatches & Color Comparisons

Gelish The Big Chill Collection - swatches by

Are you ready to see the new winter colors that Gelish recently released?! This is The Big Chill collection, which is comprised of six cool, shimmery colors. I think you’ll be pleased with this collection because all of the shades are pretty unique and the formula is fantastic. Most colors are opaque with just two coats, and they applied perfectly.

The Big Chill
is a LIMITED EDITION collection and will only be available for a limited time.

The Big Chill Collection from Gelish MINI can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply online at, or in retail stores.  You can also purchase directly from the Gelish MINI website at!

You’ll notice in this post that my nails are much shorter than normal. The cold winter temperatures have done a number on my nails. A couple of them snapped right off, so I’ve been nursing my shorter nails and using lots of cuticle oil to get them back to normal. You’ll see more nail posts from me in the coming weeks! :) Now let’s get to the colors!

The Big Chill is a pale, light grey with a pearly shimmer finish.  The comparison picture below shows that this is the lightest grey in the Gelish line.  It’s very close to Cashmere Kind of Gal, but slightly lighter and it of course has the pearl finish which makes it different.  I really quite like it.

Gelish The Big Chill - swatch by


Snowflakes & Skyscrapers is a darker grey with a multi-colored shimmer finish.  The description on the press release calls this color “taupe pearl”.  I see the taupe shades in the shimmer, but the base color seems very grey to me.  I can see gold and purple flecks in the shimmer.  This is a pretty unique shade, which you can see in the comparison picture above.

Gelish Snowflakes & Skyscrapers - swatch by

Call Me Jill Frost is a really lush, dark purple pearl.  When I first saw the color pops I thought this shade would be just like all of the other purples that I have, but it’s totally not.  It has some blue tones to it, while Berry Buttoned Up has some reddish tones to it.  I’m crazy about shimmery purples, so this has won me over!

Gelish Call Me Jill Frost - swatch by


I’m Snow Angel is a deep brown-ish red with a golden shimmer.  Again, it’s a really unique shade.  I thought this one would be close to Elegant Wish, but you can see in the comparison photo that it has much better coverage and it’s darker and has more brown tones.

Gelish I'm Snow Angel - swatch by


Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate is a shimmery dark emerald shade.  It’s a very teal-leaning green.  It’s similar to Race You to the Bottom, but it’s a little darker and the shimmer is more subtle.

Gelish Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate - swatch by


My Jewels Keep Me Warm is a coppery pink glitter polish in a pink-tinted sheer base.  This is a really unique polish.  I don’t have anything like it so I compared it with a couple of other Gelish glitters that have the same type of glitter, but they are obviously different colors.  As far as the color goes, it seems to have some orange tints and the shade really reminded me of Cuccio Higher Grounds.  This shade required three coats for opacity, and I had a hard time getting glitter coverage on the tips of my nails which is pretty common.

I actually wore this for Thanksgiving this year and got tons of compliments on it.  I didn’t think I was going to like this, but it was really stunning on my nails.  Love it!

Gelish My Jewels Keep Me Warm - swatch by


The Big Chill Collection from Gelish MINI can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply online at, or in retail stores.  You can also purchase directly from the Gelish MINI website at!

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20 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    I’m glad The Big Chill had a better formula for you. Mine was kind of chalky and patchy. I’m hoping if I warm it up a bit and shake the daylights out of it, it’ll smooth out.

  2. Vic says:

    Based on the ad and pics I’d seen on FB I wasn’t going to get any of these. Now I’ve seen your swatches I want The Big Chill, I Skate and Snowflakes & Skyscrapers. You do this to me every time! lol

  3. cathy says:

    Can you show comparisons between Show stopping and Snowflakes/skyscrapers and then Whose Cider you on and I’m Snow Angel?

    • Kathryn says:

      I just wanted to say that I have both Im a snow angel and whose cider are you on. They are COMPLETELY different. Whose cider is a chocolate brown with gold glitter. I’m a snow angel is a like a murky red…. Think kind of like dried blood…. But In a pretty way lol. One is definitely a brown, and the other red. Whose cider are you on is a BEAUTIFUL brown shade, the best brown shade I own of both RNP and gel. It’s so beautiful that I have tried for a while to even find any leftovers locally just to have stock saved up haha. I’m a snow angel is one of those shades that is nice for when you want to wear red, but don’t want anything too bright or overpowering. Is it one of my favorites, no…. But it is unique and pretty.

  4. Holandesa says:

    Finally!!! I was waiting for your review & swatches on this collection.
    I’ve ondered Call me Jill Frost and Snowflakes & Skyscrapers * Harmony gelish

    I like the Ice Skate, but I already have the Race you to the bottom and as you just confirmed, they look very similar (to me as well). I was in doubt with My Jewels Keep Me Warm – it’s very different, but it does remind me one color from OPI Cozu-melted in the sun (which I love it!) with more glitters- but it looks more like a spring-summer type of color to me than a winter color…

  5. Suzanne says:

    Gotta get the big chill, I love grey!

  6. Jane says:

    Once again, it is proved: do not judge a gelish colour until it has appeared on Chickettes! I was hoping The Big Chill would be a lovely silvery white sparkly snow-like colour, but it’s grey! What a disappointment! I actaully have the colour on order, as there was a deal on it that ran out before your post, so feel a bit let down (by Gelish, not by you). Will wait until it arrives to see if it’s going to suit me, but it’s not the shade the official pictures suggested.

    On the other hand, Jill Frost, Snow Angel and Ice Skate look like really nice colours. I wasn’t thinking of getting them, but I am now.

    • Jane says:

      Just reporting back that The Big Chill arrived and it is exactly in your picture, a grey colour. However, I decided to give it a go. I put a layer of the silver glitter Trends on top, Am I Making You Gelish, and it looks really sparkly and Christmasy. I’ve had lots of comments.

  7. Reagan says:

    Thank you for the wonderful swatches! I came across your website looking for the Color me Fall collection. I ended up ordering the whole set, and love them all! I was just wondering I am having a really hard time finding where to buy these polishes from in the mini. I ended up buying the large gelish from Amazon last time. Or if you could tell me where to find them on Sally’s? I am not a nail tech I just do my nails on my own so not sure if that excludes me from buying them? Thank you and I look forward to the next collections!!!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Reagan. You can buy the MINIs at Sally’s here:,default,pd.html#start=5 -You can also find them at :) I don’t think the new collection is on either site yet. You can go to a local Sally’s and find them too. Perhaps call ahead to check if they have the colors in.

      • Reagan says:

        Oh ok perfect I had been looking on both sites and did not see any of the collections and was confused if maybe I was missing something. I will just keep waiting to see if they post them, I called the closest sally’s and they did not have them. The link to Amazon did work I just don’t want to get the large sizes if I don’t have to.

        • Brandie says:

          Sally’s doesn’t put the special collections online. The collections in store only arrive with two of each color and when they’re out, they don’t order more. It’s sad :( I missed out on the fall shades and a few of the holiday collection shades because of this. I made sure to get the big chill asap this time!

  8. Claudia says:

    Hi Andrea! Please, help me :-D. I’m looking for soak off’s color like bordeaux. What do you recommend? A touch of sass (Gelish)? Maybe I’m snow angel without shimmer? Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

  9. Christina Strope says:

    How does My jewels keep me warm compare to Lechat precious coral? Are they similar?

  10. Rachel says:

    Hi, I have a question and was wondering if anyone call help me. I was going to buy “Just Call Me Jill Frost”, but I was wondering how “blue” it looked? How much blue tone does it have? I have “Holiday Party Blues” and was wondering if they similar in color or not? I ordered “Berry Buttoned Up” because I wanted a dark rich purple, but it looks like that one is more of a pinkish purple.