Gelish Playin’ It Cool Collection - Gelish Playin' It Cool Collection

I finally have the limited edition Gelish Playin’ It Cool Collection swatches to show you.  I don’t have an inside scoop on this collection, so I’m not sure why it hasn’t shown up in stores online yet… or if it will.  I do know that the colors are available in the US at Cosmoprof stores because that’s where I got mine.  Well actually, one of my amazing readers picked them up for me.  Thank you, Joelle!!!

There are four shades in this collection with names that are inspired by the jukebox era of the 50’s and early 60’s.  These polishes had a fairly thick formula and will wrinkle if you’re not careful.  They all seemed to apply a little streaky for me as well except for the red.  My swatches are three coats of each as usual.

I’m trying a new swatch format with just one picture per color, but it’s a wider shot than normal.  Let me know what your thoughts are on that and if it works.  I’m trying to keep the posts from getting too long, and I think my usual two poses are pretty similar to one another except they’re rotated a little.

One Cool Cat is a creamy medium blue.  This shade is pretty unique in the Gelish line, but ibd Swag Bag is a close comparison. On my fade test, this color seemed to get just a hair darker after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Gelish One Cool Cat from the Playin It Cool CollectionLet’s Go to the Hop is a creamy medium pink.  The only color that I have that’s similar to this is Gelish Sugar n Spice, but I’m wondering if my swatch stick for that color may have faded a bit because I remember it being brighter.  Let’s Go to the Hop turned a hair lighter after exposure to sunlight in my fade test.

Gelish Let's Go to the Hop from the Playin It Cool CollectionDoo Wop is a soft, creamy yellow.  If you look at this polish really really close you can see a very subtle shimmer, but I still call it a cream because it’s not noticeable.  This is a much needed shade in the Gelish line, and I hope they keep it around.  This is a much richer yellow than any of the other Gelish yellows.  The shade is similar to LeChat Lemon Drop and CND Shellac Bicycle Yellow.

Gelish Doo Wop from the Playin It Cool CollectionCruisin’ the Boulevard is a bright red.  Unfortunately there’s nothing unique about this color.  If you ask me, this one looks just like Gelish Red Roses, Hot Rod and Spicy Fortune…. they’re all too close to tell apart.  So if you already have one of those, skip this one unless you’re looking for better opacity.  Cruisin’ the Boulevard does seem to have the best coverage.

Gelish Cruisin' the Boulevard from the Playin It Cool Collection

10 Responses

  1. Diane Dube says:

    I like your new swatch format.

  2. Anna says:

    These colors were released exclusively for Cosmoprof in a “vintage” marketing campaign they did for the month of May I believe. Glad you got a chance to swatch them! :)

  3. Monika says:

    I really hope they change their minds on the ‘released exclusively’ part and do not keep the rest of us away from that blue and yellow. Those two are both really beautiful and exactly what I’m looking for! And the pink and red are nice too. Lovely swatches.

  4. Yvette says:

    Beautiful colors. I have a few Gelish colors that do wrinkle and I try my best to apply thin coats. Do you have any additional tips as to prevent this from happening?

  5. jacki sherman says:

    I just read on facebook someone said tap the fingers to prevent wrinkling I’ll try this Tuesday as I need to do a redo!

  6. Tiane says:

    Is One Cool Cat similar to anything by Revel, namely Honeymoon or Spree? Thanks!