Gelish Mint Icing & a Testament to Gel Polish!

Today’s post is just a quickie swatch of Gelish Mint Icing, but it’s also a testament to SOG polish. My daughter graduated high school on Thursday (yay!), and I’m planning a big grad party at my house this coming Saturday.  I apologize in advance if I’m quiet this week, but I have a lot of party preparations to take care of and many family members coming in from out of town.

I’ve been having some work done on the house and there was a huge mess to be cleaned up… plaster dust everywhere, so that was my agenda for this weekend. I started Friday night and just cleaned 2 bedrooms. I was wearing regular nail polish and half of it chipped off that first night.  Saturday morning I woke up and started cleaning again, but my nails weren’t holding up well at all… they desperately needed some reinforcement/strength. So I took a short break from cleaning to apply some gel polish, the lovely Mint Icing color seen below. I hadn’t worn this color before and meant to take swatch pictures right away, but I got caught back up in cleaning and totally forgot. I ended up cleaning for almost 12 hours!! I bleached bathrooms, washed all of the hardwood floors, dusted… the works. These pics were taken the next day and my nails are still in perfect condition. And that’s why I love gel polish… I can clean, garden, and do just about anything I want and not have to worry about my nail polish chipping or nails breaking!

Gelish Mint Icing Gelish Mint Icing

Mint Icing color is shimmery teal… it’s a little greener and less sparkly than Oocha Coocha. It’s a bit sheer for my taste. This is three coats and there’s still quite a bit of visible nail line.

4 Responses

  1. Michele Clifton says:


    I’ve recently bought Mint Icing and know what you mean about the visible nail line. Have you tried putting a coat or two or white underneath it first to see if that helps. I haven’t as of yet but think I will next time I apply it.


  2. Kripa says:

    Looks really good for all the work you did!! I bet it looks really layered over a complimentary color.

  3. Elina says:

    I know what you are talking about! I love to put Gelish when I go on vacation or have some big party. No worries about nails! That’s all we need! :)
    But in regular days I like to wear nail polish because I can change it easy and fast. It is fun! :)

  4. After reading this post it makes me so glad I finally took the leap and got an LED lamp and a gel starter kit! This will be perfect for me once the semester starts, I wont have to worry about my nails chipping and wasting time painting my nails up to 3 times a week when it chips. I’m so glad I found your blog because it’s one of the few places I can see gelish swatches and reviews thanks! PS Don’t mind me going back and stalking all your old posts!