Gelish MINI Red Matters Collection – Holiday 2015

Gelish MINI Red Matters Collection - Holiday 2015Are you already thinking about the upcoming holidays?!  It’s about that time!  Gelish MINI recently launched their Red Matters collection for the 2015 holiday season.  This collection contains two new shades of red, and four existing shades.  It’s important to note that the Gelish MINI and Gelish PRO holiday collections are different this year.  I’ll be covering the Pro version in a separate post in the near future.

Gelish MINI colors can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply online at, or in retail stores. You can also purchase directly from the Gelish MINI website at!

The festive reds in this collection all applied really nicely with great coverage.  Each of the swatches that are in this post show two coats of polish. Let’s first take a peek at the two new shades.

Man of the Moment is a rich creamy red that’s not too bright and not too dark… I’d say it’s just right!

Gelish Man of the Moment - swatch by Chickettes.comI’m So Hot is a dark burgundy shade of red with a lush frosty finish.  The finish is very similar to Queen of Hearts, but the color is several shades darker.

Gelish I'm So Hot - swatch by Chickettes.comNow onto existing shades from the Gelish line.  Even though I’ve already swatched each of these colors previously, I took the time to re-do them for this post.

Queen of Hearts has always been one of my favorite reds because of its gorgeous frosty finish.

Gelish Queen of Hearts - swatch by Chickettes.comGood Gossip is another Gelish favorite with its super sparkly glittery finish.  This is a hot color for the holidays every year!  Good Gossip looks great layered over darker colors as well.

Gelish Good Gossip - swatch by Chickettes.comLife of the Party is one of the glittery Gelish Trends polishes.  It has a sheer base with a red tint and is loaded with red glitter of all sizes.  The swatch below shows two coats with no base color underneath.  It’s a little sheer and sometimes glitter polishes don’t like to adhere to the tips. I think this would look great with a creamy red base layer underneath such as Hot Rod Red or Man of the Moment.

Gelish Life of the Party - swatch by Chickettes.comAnd finally… Hot Rod Red.  This is another classic color, and one of the brighter reds available.

Gelish Hot Rod Red - swatch by

As promised, I’ll have swatches of the Pro Red Matters collection for you very soon.  That collection consists of six new red shades including Man of the Moment and I’m So Hot, along with three other colors (a pearl shimmer, a shimmery green, and silver).

Gelish MINI colors can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply online at, or in retail stores. You can also purchase directly from the Gelish MINI website at!

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9 Responses

  1. Suzanne says:

    I have Good Gossip and love it!

  2. Maria says:

    I am always looking for a good gray color from gelish. Can you give me a suggestion? I love Essie and opi’s regular grays, but can never find s goo neutral gray gel polish!!

  3. Laura says:

    Hmmm. Now I’m not terribly excited. Why are all the cool colors never making it to Sally? Seems like they’d want to sell more polish. ;) Still looking forward to pics of the “pro” colors anyhow.

  4. Mari says:

    I am really disappointed that Gelish isn’t releasing the pro colors in mini form. I have been waiting for the release of the collection (the pro colors) and am disappointed I can’t purchase them.

  5. Delia says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I just love your site and use it 24-7!!
    I’m a Gelish user and am so happy to see that you have the actual colour swatches reflected on your site–this helps me s lot!!..and also that you keep us updated with the latest gel colours aswell as your tutorials !!..well done on your fabulous and informative site xx

  6. Meredith says:

    Have you ever purchased from