Gelish Hello Pretty! Summer 2015 Collection Swatches

Gelish Hello Pretty! Collecton - swatches by Chickettes.comHello Pretties!  ;)  Today I have swatches and comparisons of the new Gelish Hello Pretty Collection.  This collection has six very bright, fun colors inspired by Japanese style pop art.  These shades are all available for purchase individually or in duos with matching Morgan Taylor nail lacquer shades.

Each swatch is shown with three coats of color.  I found the formula of these to be on the thin side and they applied a bit patchy, so I used three coats for full coverage.  Some of these colors caused my camera to freak out a little, so please be sure to read the corresponding notes.

Gelish Do You Harajuku? is a minty pastel green with a subtle shimmer.

Gelish Do You Harajuku? - Chickettes.comHere is a comparison picture that shows Do You Harajuku? next to some other pale greens and teals.  Do You Harajuku? is lighter than Gelish Kiss Me I’m a Prince and is more of a pure green than teal.  I added some yellow-leaning greens on the left side to show that it’s not yellow either.  It’s a nice unique shade.

From left to right: Gelish You’re Such a Sweet-Tart, Gelish Lime All the Time, Gelish Do you Harajuku?, DIY Minty Fresh, Gelish Kiss Me I’m a Prince, OPI That’s Hula-rious, and Gelish Seafoam.

comp-harajukuGelish Look at You, Pink-achu! is a bubble gum pink cream.  My camera may have made this one appear slightly brighter than it is.

Gelish Look at You Pink-achu! - Chickettes.comI would consider this color to be a medium pink that’s on the bright and cheery side, but isn’t so bright it’s neon.  Below is a picture of Look at You Pink-achu mixed in with some other medium pinks.  I have a really hard time comparing my pink swatch sticks because many of them have faded over time.  Many of the Gelish pinks are faders, but I haven’t had time to test any of these colors for fading yet since I just got them and rushed to get swatches done.  I will report back if I find any issues.  (Update 5/17/15: I’m  happy to report that I didn’t find any fading issues with this color, or any other color in the collection!)

From left to right: Gelish Ella of a Girl, LeChat Cotton Candy, OPI Suzy Shops & Island Hops, ibd Funny Bone, Gelish Look at You Pink-achu!, LeChat Paradise (from the new Oasis collection), Gelish Make You Blink Pink, and Gelish Sugar ‘n Spice.

comp-pinkachuGelish Anime-zing Color! is a gorgeous blurple cream. My camera really freaks out when I try to photograph blue-leaning purples and it always makes them look more blue than they are.  I tried color correcting this photo so that it has more purple tones, but I can’t guarantee the accuracy at all.  It’s not quite that glow-y.  The comp photo below may be a closer match.

Gelish Anime-zing Color! - Chickettes.comI put this color next to some blues and purples to try to show how it compares.  You can see that it’s somewhere right in the middle… a perfect blurple.  I love these shades, I just wish my camera did too.  Gelish doesn’t have any other shades that are quite like this one.  LeChat Sweet Iris is probably the closest match that I own.

From left to right: LeChat Frozen Cold Spell (mood), Gelish You Glare I Glow, LeChat Sweet Iris, Gelish Anime-zing Color, LeChat Into the Deep (new Oasis collection), Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away, Shellac Purple Purple.

comp-animezingGelish Tokyo a Go Go is a pink-leaning purple cream… another awesome shade.

Gelish Tokyo a Go Go - Chickettes.comTokyo a Go Go is nice and bright compared to other similar colors in my stash.  I was hoping to compare it to Carnival Hangover, but I can’t find my swatch stick or my bottle.  TruGel just launched a color called Hypnotic that’s pretty similar in shade in their Neon Daze collection (swatches coming soon).

From left to right: Gelish It’s a Lily, Couture Glam Squad, ibd Cashmere Cutie, Gelish Tokyo a Go Go, TruGel Hypnotic, and Gelish Tahiti Hottie.

comp-tokyoGelish Pop-arazzi Pose is a bright red-leaning neon pink cream.

Gelish Pop-arazzi Pose - Chickettes.comBelow is a comparison photo that shows Gelish Pop-arazzi next to some other red-leaning Gelish pinks.  It’s not obvious from this photo, but Pop-arazzi is a little brighter than most of these other shades.  It’s a great beach-going color.

From left to right: Gelish Gossip Girl, All Dahlia-ed Up, Pop-arazzi Pose, A Petal for Your Thoughts, and Passion.

comp-poparazziGelish Manga-round With Me is a coral-leaning neon pink cream.  My photo may glow a little more than real life, but this color is definitely bright!

Gelish Manga-round With Me - Chickettes.comI put this color side-by-side with some other bright coral-leaning pinks and oranges for comparison.

From left to right: Gelish Rockin’ the Reef, Gelish I’m Brighter Than You, LeChat Sunkissed (from the  new Oasis collection), Gelish Manga-Round With Me, LeChat Rose Glow, TruGel Beach Club Babe (from the new Neon Daze collection), Gelish Brights Have More Fun, and Gelish Shake it Til You Samba.

comp-manga-roundThese colors pop all on their own, but I wonder how they would look when applied over white.   I may have to do some experiments, and I definitely want to try some nail art with these!

I found most of these colors available on in the duo sets (linked to above).  You can also purchase the color individually from Esther’s Nail Center, and if you buy all six from this site you can get a free Gelish travel case.

Which colors are your favorites?

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34 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for these swatches!! I absolutely need Anime-zing Color! Do you know if these will be available at Sally Beauty Supply?

  2. Nicole says:

    Did you do any fading tests on them?

  3. Tiane says:

    How does Do You Harajuku compare to revel envy?

  4. Denisse says:

    Hi just wanted to give everyone a heads up Sally has a buy One get One Free sale until Friday May 14 going on right now on the gelish. Also the retail me not app gets you 20% off your entire purchase this coupon expires Friday May 14, 2015.

  5. Laura says:

    Thanks for the swatches, Andrea. Perfect timing. My email said the sale is through Thursday the 14th. All the colors look great in person. “Anime” looks more purple to my eyes than the photos, and “Pop-arazzi” a bit more pink. “Manga” is quite bright and lighter than I expected, a little like original “Flip Flop Fantasy” in China Glaze. Excited. :)

    • Andrea says:

      I would agree with your assessments of Anime and Pop-arazzi. Manga is more pink than Flip Flop Fantasy, but it has that bright neon glow about it for sure.

  6. char says:

    I wonder if Gelish change formulations for Brights have more fun? In all your swatches Brights have more fun is very similar to Shake it till you Samba. But I just purchased 6 colors tonight from Sally’s (both these colors) and they are nothing alike. My Shake it till you Samba looks like yours but my brights have more fun is a lot lighter…In fact I can’t hardly tell Brights have more fun from Manga-round with me….they are almost identical….

    • Andrea says:

      I think my camera may pull out more of the red tones in Brights. I just checked and it’s almost smack in the middle of Manga-round and Shake it Til You Samba. I’m not sure if the formulas have changed.

    • Chantal says:

      Hi char,

      I have the same. My old bottle of shake it till you samba was more neonpink, similar to brights have more fun.
      But now my new bottle shake it is not that bright neon any more, it is now more redpink with a hint of neon

  7. Jean Margaret says:

    Would you say look at you pink-achu is a lot less bright than make you blink pink? In you comparison picture look at you pink-achu also looks more pink. I love make you bank pink but I’m always looking for a new bubble gum pink color.

    • Andrea says:

      Pink-achu is a lighter shade of pink, but I wouldn’t say it’s brighter. Make You Blink Pink has more neon qualities.

  8. Nora Gouma says:

    Absolutely fabulous colors , I love all . I often change so many colors , it deppends on the color of my outfit, truly great fun to do that :) !!!


  9. char says:

    Maybe somethings up with the mini bottles from Sally’s because my Bright’s have more fun and Manga round with me are almost identical. My husband couldn’t tell them apart but to a more experienced eye you can see that Bright’s have more fun is very slightly darker.

    • Andrea says:

      My Bright is a MINI size and the Manga-round is full size. There are sometimes differences in the shades between the full size and MINI bottles.

  10. Suzanne says:

    Of course I want all of them!

  11. Jane says:

    Thanks for these great swatches, Andrea! I don’t think I am quite in love enough to get them as I am trying to cut back on my Gelish addiction.

    There’s no sign of this collection being released in the UK yet, but we have the Ooh La La collection. Any sign of that in your part of the world, and are you planning to swatch it?

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Jane – I will swatch it when I can get my hands on it. I haven’t seen it available for sale yet, and my PR rep said they didn’t have samples last time I checked in.

  12. Kseniya says:

    Hello everyone! Can anybody please tell me, does this collection bottles have a Harmony logo on the left side, as usual? Because I bought recently and mine hasn’t it… Is it fake then?

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t think they do. Mine doesn’t have it, but it has a green “gelish authentic” box on the backside.

      • Kseniya says:

        Thank you for answer! But I thought any Gelish bottle has Harmony logo, isn’t it? The problem is, suddenly it’s began an allergy, so I thought maybe it’s because my new product is fake.

  13. Kristin says:


    Has anyone ever bought Gelish off Ebay? They have a lot of these nail colors and I was just curious since I don’t see some of them on Amazon. I wonder if they are legit?

    • Stacie says:

      Hi Kristin,

      I have purchased Gelish colors off of Ebay. I haven’t checked for specific marks like Andrea speaks about, but have not had any issues with any of the bottles that I have received.

      Hope this helps!


  14. Jamie says:

    Would you do a fade test on these?

  15. Sharon says:

    My granddaughter bought the blue and it is beautiful. I was going to order from Amazon but most reviews said it pulls back from the tip. From the color on my screen the LeChat -into the Deep- looks more like the -Mali blue me away-. In person is the Iris more like it. I love how hers looks but I have a hard enough time with my short nails don’t need extra work. tia

    • Andrea says:

      Anime-zing Color is purple and not blue, though it has some blue tones. Into the Deep is a close match to Mali-Blu Me Away – they are both dark cobalt blues. I prefer Into the Deep of the two since it has better coverage.

  16. Rachael andrew says:

    Hi there, thanks for posting these colours :). I would love to see poparazzi, tiger blossom and hot rod red all together if possible? Im really struggling to find a bright neon style red. Had so many clients ask for it. Im fed up of looking. Gelish seem to release the same type of colours over and over :( x

  17. Diane says:

    Can you recommend a glitter topper to go with manga me around? I’d like to add some glitter to my ring finger nail. Thanks, diane

  18. nail says:

    Thanks for these swatches

  19. Marisa says:

    Could you please explain how you do fading tests?