Gelish Chevron Nail Art  Gelish Chevron Nail  Gelish Chevron Nail  Gelish Chevron Nail Art

I experimented today with this Chevron style design using some new nail stickers that I bought at this eBay store.  This is a bit tricky with gel polish, but after a few attempts I finally figured out a method that seemed to work.  Next time I’ll have to take step-by-step pictures.

How I achieved this look:

After prepping my nails and applying a base coat, I applied two coats of Gelish Night Shimmer (silver) and a thin coat of Gelish Top It Off (curing after each coat).  Then I wiped off the tacky layer with a lint-free alcohol wipe.  This gave me a good solid base to apply the sticker to without it slipping around.  I applied it right in the center of the nail where you see the silver color, leaving the two ends of my nail exposed.

When applying the sticker I found that the edges wanted to lift up no matter how hard I pressed the sticker down, so I clipped off the edges with scissors so that the sticker just barely stuck out over each side of my nail and pressed the sticker down real good.  This prevented any polish from leaking under those edges.

Next, I applied two thin coats of colored polish on the two exposed ends of my nails.  Here I used My Favorite Accessory (blue) and Gossip Girl (pink).  Again, I cured between each coat.  After curing the second coat I very carefully pulled off the stickers.  I used my cuticle trimmers to grab each edge of the sticker and pull it toward the center of the nail and gently pulled it off.

And finally, I applied another layer of Top It Off, cured it in my light and wiped off the tackiness again.  Whew, that was a process!

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2 Responses

  1. Toni Fiani says:

    The gel that was on the sticker didnt try to pull the whole thing up? I just did mine last week. I basically decided to wing it and ended up doing it the same way as mentioned above but i peeled the stickers up before it was completely set because I eas afraid.

    • Andrea says:

      No, I cure the polish all the way and then pull the sticker at a really sharp angle so that it give it a nice edge.