Gelish All About the Glow Color Comparisons

I have the much anticipated color comparisons for you!  First up is I’m Brighter Than You, and the only color that this is close to is Sweet Morning Dew.  I was worried that these would be too similar, but I’m Brighter Than You is much lighter/brighter. The formula is also much better so if you’re deciding between the two, I recommend I’m Brighter.


Brights Have More Fun vs. Shake It Til You Samba… not much difference here.  Brights Have More Fun is just slightly lighter/brighter, but I don’t see the need for owning both of these since they’re so close.  Shake It Til You Samba is probably my pick of the two because it has a great formula and offers full coverage with just two coats.


Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow is seen here on the index finger and pinky… it’s pretty different from the other greens in the Rio Neon and Candyland collections.  It’s my fav of the three.


Sorry, I cheated on this one since my nails need a little break after all of the swatching.  :)  Radiance is My Middle Name is closest to Garden Teal Party, but again is a few shades lighter.  Garden Teal Party has better coverage with no visible nail line, but Radiance has a better formula…. it’s a toss up.  I love blues, and really like these both.  Radiance is so bright and fun.  I’ve been wearing it for 2 days now and plan to keep it on the rest of the week (that’s a long time for me).


Are there any other comparisons you’d like to see?  I can take a few photos with my swatch sticks if I have the colors you’re curious about.

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11 Responses

  1. Candi says:

    Thanks so much, so glad I ordered Radiance this week… love it the best!

  2. Elina says:

    Thanks about comparisons! Radiance is My Middle Name is my favourite! I’m Brighter Than You is nice too.

  3. Emily says:

    This blog is absolutely fantastic! I’ve just gotten started with Gelish so it’s great to have so many swatches to go through and choose colours! Love it!

  4. I will definitely try I’m Brighter Than You especially if you think the formula’s better!

  5. Kat says:

    Hello I was wondering if you have done a swatch comparison between sheek white and arctic freeze. I need a white and don’t know which one to buy. What would you recommend?

  6. Crissylee says:

    Can you tell me how you wright on the photoes please.what program you have?

  7. Rachel says:

    Hi There,
    Just wondering what you mean by ‘Radiance is my middle name’ has a better formula? How so? Is it thinner so it spreads better? Just wondering because I’m trying to decide on what TEAL to get.

    • Andrea says:

      Better, more even coverage. Not streaky, and good opacity. :)

      • Rachel says:

        Thanks, I was actually thinking of getting “rub me the sarong way?” This seems like a close color to “Radiance is my middle name” but I’m hoping it’s more of a solid color (less visible nail line). What do you think?