French Manicure with Lace

This is another twist on the French manicure… and probably the last French design you’ll see from me for a little while.  The Born Pretty Store sent me these lace nail stickers to try, and I thought they’d be great accents to a gradient tip.  I started off with two coats of Shellac Strawberry Smoothie and applied a gradient to the tips of my nails using CND Antique Bronze additive.  I applied a coat of Gelish Top It Off, then placed the stickers on the tips of my nails and pressed them down as best I could, and followed up with a second layer of top coat.

I really like the color combination and the look of the lace.  Unfortunately I had a very hard time getting the stickers to lay flat on my curvy nails… they kept pulling up on the sides as you can see in the pictures.  They might work better on flatter nails, but I have a very strong C-curve.  The other downside is that there isn’t enough in one pack to do all 10 nails with the same pattern.  I couldn’t have done more than one full hand with the pattern that I chose.  The stickers are only $.99 though, so you could buy multiple packs without breaking the bank.  Stickers are an easy way to add some design elements to your nails with little skill or time commitment, though they are temporary.

Pink and Gold Gradient French Manicure with Lace Accents

Pink and Gold Gradient French Manicure with Lace Accents

Below is a picture of the package.  The actual sheet of stickers is relatively small, so I recommend buying more than one if you want to design all of your nails the same.  You could do a really cute design with mixed lace designs, or do several accent nails with one sheet.


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  1. Oh, that’s so sweet and pretty! Nice job. Reminds me of ice cream for some reason.