Firmoo Prescription Eyeglasses & Matching Nails Glasses Review & Matching Nail ArtI recently found myself without vision insurance, and needed new glasses because my prescription changed.  Coincidentally, a rep from reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying their service and writing a review.  I checked out their website and saw that it was an online, mail-order prescription eyeglass service.  I hesitated to respond for a while because I wasn’t sure if the topic of glasses would really be a good fit for Chickettes, and I was also a little skeptical about picking out frames online without trying them on in person.  Obviously I decided to give it a try!

I spent a little while browsing the website.  The first thing I noticed were the very reasonable prices… the frames appeared to all be under $50, and that price includes single-vision lenses.  The website was very user-friendly and easy to use, which was also a plus.  The checkout process was very clear and took me through each step.  I was able to enter my prescription for each eye, and select any add-ons that I wanted.  The add-ons were also extremely affordable.

I chose single lenses of standard thickness, with anti-scratch, anti-reflective/anti-radiation, and UV coating.  My total was $48.90!  Now let me put that into perspective… I also just recently purchased a pair of prescription glasses locally (without insurance).  The total for one pair of glasses with the same exact add-ons cost $600.00!  I opted for frames that were a little on the expensive side at $200, but the lenses were $99 each (multiply that by two because I have two eyes!), the anti-reflective option was an additional $150, and then there were a couple other small add-ons and taxes.  I could have purchased more than 10 pairs of glasses from for less than what I spent on that one pair of glasses!

At those prices, I can see buying several different pairs to match different outfits.  I actually ended up selecting this funky purple pair of glasses because I wanted to try a new color.  If you’re not sure what style of frame to go with or what looks good on you, I recommend going into an eyeglass store and trying on a bunch of pairs.  I just recently tried some on and know the basic shape that works best for my face.  Here’s a quick picture of my in my new glasses.

Andrea from Chickettes.comAfter placing my order on, they kept me updated via email on the status of my glasses.  They went into production 2 days after the order was placed, they shipped another 4 days later, and they arrived at my doorstep 2 days after that.  So in total it was about 8 days before my glasses arrived (shipped from China).  Not too shabby!

My glasses came with a hard case, a cleansing cloth, a soft pouch, and a little tiny double-ended screwdriver for making adjustments.  When I first put them on they looked a little crooked, so I took them into my local eyeglass shop to have them checked out.  They said that one of the lenses was actually installed crooked, and after a quick adjustment they fit much better.  The quality of the glasses is nice too, they are good and sturdy.

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience and am likely to use them again.  Even if you’re skeptical about buying your everyday glasses online this might be a great option for a back-up pair, or for extra glasses to accessorize outfits.  This would also be a great option for buying glasses for little kids since they can be pretty hard on them. is currently running a promotion where you can get your first pair FREE if you’re a first-time customer.  Check out the offer here! Purple & Brown Distressed Nail Art
So now let’s get to the nails! Of course I had to do some nail art to match my new glasses.  LeChat Wild Berry matched the color of the glasses perfectly, and I wanted to do something to bring in the browns and the pattern on the arms of the glasses.  I started off with three coats of ibd Dockside Diva, which is my perfect nude shade.  Then I took a nail art brush and dipped it in the Wild Berry polish and swiped the brush back and forth on my nails, covering most of the nails except near the tips.  I did that twice, curing after each coat.  And then I repeated the process with a brown shade, Gelish Want to Cuddle.  With the brown I started at the tip and applied the color about half way down the nail, blending it over the purple.  And lastly, I applied my gel top coat and cured one last time.

This was a messy task, and I had to do a lot of clean up before curing each coat.  The pattern looked more crisp before I applied a top coat, but I like it both ways.  I think it turned out kind of neat and will have to try this technique again.

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  1. Sally Kinder says:

    I, for one appreciate the slight detour! My last pair of glasses was $800 & my script has already changed. I also like how you circled back to your manicure. Btw, you look mah-velous!!

  2. Anna says:

    The glasses look amazing on you! Sadly, I won’t be buying. I prefer to get 2 pair but get it from a local business. I’m all for supporting local businesses. It’s sad that everything is made in China but people next door are on government assistance/ unemployment because their jobs cut and factories moved to china :(

    • K D says:

      your glasses will still probably be made in china. Most places place an order with a eyewear company, and wait for them to be shipped out.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t disagree with you on that point. I also just purchased two pairs locally that were made in the United States. Because of the cost, I wouldn’t ordinarily purchase more than one or two pairs and wear them to accessorize outfits.

  3. Anna says:

    I meant to say “1 pair”;)

  4. Sara says:

    Thanks for the tip. My current glasses were $600+. I really like my doctor and office, but I would like to get a back up pair.

  5. Anne says:

    A beautiful manicure with my favorite color – Wild Berry.

  6. Janeen says:

    I Love your new Glasses! They look great on you ,& What a Steal! Great find! Also, You matched up your Nail color & art Perfectly!! What a cool design !! Thanks for sharing your Gel designs, & the great deal! I wanted to ask you, if the deal is for women’s glasses only ? I actually, do not have to wear prescription glasses/contacts, However, my boyfriend does, & that is such a great deal, I had to ask if I can get my boyfriend a pair with this deal ? Thanks again ! Ps, I am super excited for each post you do, to see what you come up with!! Plus, I love Gelish <3 TY Janeen Utley

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Janeen, thank you for the compliments. Firmoo sells all types of glasses, mens, womens, childrens and even sunglasses. The “first pair free” promo applies to select frames. You have to visit the link to see which frames they offer, but I think there are mens and womens.

  7. K D says:

    I’ve been buying glasses online for over ten years. Despite constant warnings from the place where I used to get my prescription, I haven’t had a bad pair yet.

  8. Anna says:

    I actually pay attention where things were made and I choose what was made in US or Canada. My glasses were made in Italy and cost $250 with the prescription lenses.
    It’s just sad when you see what kind of working conditions people work in just so we can buy cheap and have excess things. We became such a throw away society. Sorry, very off topic but my nephews school requires these shirts that were made locally for that school for 10€ (he lives in Spain). The school came to realization that they can send out the order to China. With shipping the shirts came to 7-8€. So that’s what they went with.
    The local business went out of business as far as I remember because that school was their main gig.
    So sad that people are so short sighted. Now the workers go on unemployment and the money is not being spent in the country anymore. All for 2€ savings. .

  9. yasmin says:

    Wow! That looks amazing.
    I’m new at this and just bought my first uv lamp and I enjoy your Blog very much so.
    Is it ok to blend few gel polish from different companies?
    Thank u!!