EzFlow Trugel Neon Daze Collection

EzFlow Trugel Neon Daze Collection - swatches by Chickettes.comI picked up the Neon Daze collection from TruGel earlier this summer.  As the name of the collection suggests, it consists of six bright, vibrant neon shades.  You may want to break out your sunglasses for these swatches!

This is also the first peek at my new nail shape!  I was getting bored with my square nails and wanted to try something different.  I decided to get with the times and go for a rounded almond shape… what do you think?  They look much more pointy to me in person than they do in these photos for some reason.  They haven’t 100% grown on me yet and I’m still adjusting to the change.  My normal swatch pose looks odd with this shape to me, so I switched that up too.

The swatches all show three coats of colors.  They applied really nicely and would probably also look great if applied over a white base for even more of a pop.

Urban Heat is an extremely bright neon orange.  My camera actually muted the neon qualities of this shade a bit, but trust me it’s loud!  It’s a true orange too and doesn’t lean red or coral at all.  It’s the brightest orange that I own.

TruGel Urban Heat - NEON Daze CollectionGlow Crazy is a very fitting name for this neon green!  It’s a yellow-leaning green and is a very close match to Gelish A Girl’s Gotta Glow.

TruGel Glow Crazy - NEON Daze CollectionTeal the Beat is a very vibrant teal.  I own a lot of teal shades, but this one is very unique.  It leans more green than most in my collection and is definitely the brightest.  It’s similar in shade to TruGel Tantalizing Trapeze, but is slightly darker and more vibrant.

TruGel Teal the Beat - NEON Daze CollectionBeach Club Babe is a glowing neon coral pink.  This color is similar to Gelish Rockin the Reef, but is brighter.  This one’s a summer show stopper!

TruGel Beach Club Babe - NEON Daze CollectionPrism Pulse is a sheer polish with a pink-ish purple iridescent shimmer.  This color is likely meant to be worn as a topper with the neon shades and not on its own.  I didn’t take swatch pictures with Prism Pulse over the other colors, but it looks really nice over each of them.

TruGel Prism Pulse - NEON Daze CollectionHypnotic is a gorgeous bright medium purple cream.  I haven’t seen another purple quite like this one.  It’s an absolutely amazing shade for the season!

TruGel Hypnotic - NEON Daze CollectionWhich colors from this collection are your favorites?

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12 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    I love your new shape!! Funny how the nails can look quite almond in real life and less pointy in picture!

  2. Cathy says:

    I’m curious to see if the oval shape breaks/chips easier. Maybe because it’s new and I’m not used to it, but I loved your “squoval” shape. Almond may be the new shape but my brain associates it with fifties housewives. :)

    • Andrea says:

      I’m curious about that too. With square nails I was always breaking off corners and then having to file them down to maintain the shape. I’ve had this shape for about a week so far and haven’t had any breaks or chips.

  3. Rona says:

    Love the new shape. Looks great with the length of your nails. I’m just wondering if others find they don’t get the wear with the Madam Glam polishes that they do with the Gelish? I find that I have a lot of edge wear within a week with Madam Glam, can go 2+ weeks with Gelish before any noticeable wear, and that is with horses, gardening, cleaning, etc. Love the new Urban Cowgirls collection from gelish

  4. Maria says:

    I like the old shape. For some reason I think the almond shape is matronly. They are impeccably polished though?

  5. Denise says:

    I like it. I tried almond when my nails were longer. took a bit to get used to the shape. i also preferred lighter colors versus dark, vampy colors when they’re longer. Also, i found my nails didn’t snag or break as easily in the corners too.

  6. Torrie Hoskins says:

    I love the new nail shape on you ??? I’ve tried going round with mine, liked it but I still prefer square ??? I love how bright these polishes are, I’m so thankful for your blog, I love how dedicated you are to your readers ???

  7. Anne says:

    Your hands have a great tan which show off the neons! I like Hypnotic & Prism Pulse. PP reminds me of one of my favorites CND Shellac Negligee. Your nails look great with any shape. I had almond shape for so many years that I can’t go back there yet. But this summer I have modified mine between square and rounded.

  8. Nancy says:

    I had almond nails for SO long way back when. I agree that they don’t chip as much (those pesky corners seem to chip much more easily when squared), but it just takes me back to late 80’s/early 90’s era nails. I love your nails square, and you inspired me to want mine that way. I feel like they look much more sophisticated square/squoval than almond. I know it’s trendy now to have almond, but my eye is just drawn to the square shape more. Always good to try new things though, right? Whatever floats your boat! Nice colors. :)

  9. ancolie says:

    I think that nail shapes are dependent upon the individual person’s hands/nails, both aesthetically and practically. I tried doing an almond tip and … just couldn’t do it. Not only did I not like the look, but they bent and snapped way more than with my soft-square nails! I think it’s because I have a really pronounced C curve to my nails, so having the longer sides gives the nails more support and they don’t bend/flex nearly as much.

  10. Cierra says:

    How does urban heat compare to gelish tiki tiki laranga? Is it worth it to have both?

  11. Lillie says:

    How does hypnotic compare to Gelish you Glare I Glow & Tokyo A Go Go? Are all 3 good to have or is there not much difference? Thanks ?