Colorful Stiletto Half Moon Nail Art

I saw this manicure over on Peace, Love, and Polish recently (which is actually a guest post by Nicole Gets Nailed), and I knew I had to try this with my Gelish All About the Glow colors.  I love the stiletto shape of her nails, though I’m not brave enough to try to shape mine like that so I stuck with my standard square shape.

I started with three coats of different colors from the All About the Glow Collection:  You Glare, I Glow (purple), Radiance is My Middle Name (blue), Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow (green), I’m Brighter Than You (orange/peach) and Brights Have More Fun (pink).  I topped each nail off with one thin coat of Gelish Top It Off, and wiped off the tacky layer.  Then I used nail art striping tape to create the triangle shapes and I painted them in with Cult Nevermore.  After Nevermore dried, I applied another thin coat of TIO and then I dotted the Gelish Foundation onto my nails where I wanted to place the gems.  I put the gems in place, cured in my LED lamp and then applied one more thin coat of TIO over it all.  It sounds like a lot of coats of polish, but I applied very thin layers and my nails don’t feel thick at all. Stiletto Half Moon Nail Art Stiletto Half Moon Stiletto Half Moon Manicure

And guess where I wore this fancy mani… to the NKOTB concert!  LOL  I went to “The Package” tour and saw Boys II Men, 98 Degrees and NKOTB.  I LOVED them back in middle school and I was offered a free ticket to attend the concert in a suite with lots of food and drinks.  It was a good time, though I only knew the original songs from way back in the day.

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2 Responses

  1. Cathy M says:

    Love this! Pinned for future inspiration. :)

  2. Raze says:

    I’d love to see this reversed so the black was on the edges and the colour was triangle :)