Bundle Monster (BMC) Oasis Gel Polish Collection

Chickettes.com - bmc Oasis gel polish collection
I just recently discovered that Bundle Monster sells gel polish in addition to stamping polish, stamping plates, nail art tools & accessories, and lots of other beauty and fashion-related things.  Today I have swatches of the b.m.c. Oasis Collection, which is a set of six neutral gel polish colors.  The colors in this collection are very pale, soft and muted.

I don’t have the b.m.c. gel base and top coats, so I used my Gelish ones for these swatches.  The majority of the colors were completely opaque in just two coats, and they applied from edge-to-edge with no shrinkage.  They also cured perfectly in 30 seconds in my 18G lamp.  I did not conduct a full wear test on these polishes to see how they hold up over time.

Darling Delight is a pale, grey-toned lilac (available on Amazon.com here).Chickettes.com - Darling Delight from the bmc Oasis Collection

Poised Serenity is a pale, blue-toned grey (available on Amazon.com here).  This shade is lighter than Gelish Cashmere Kind of Gal, and has more blue (or is it green?) undertones.  This color is a little hard to describe.  In the picture it looks more blue to me, but when compared next to other colors I can say it’s definitely grey.

Chickettes.com - Poised Serenity from the bmc Oasis CollectionIntoxication is a dark, slate grey cream polish (available on Amazon.com here).

Chickettes.com - Intoxication from the bmc Oasis CollectionCafe au Lait is another shade of grey with khaki green undertones (available on Amazon.com here).  This is another tricky shade that looks green, but is actually more grey.

Chickettes.com - Cafe Au Lait from the bmc Oasis CollectionGentle Tranquility is a light, rosy pink shade (available on Amazon.com here).  This shade is almost identical to Daisy Fairy Dream.

Chickettes.com - Gentle Tranquility from the bmc Oasis CollectionAnd, Peaceful Harmony is a light, peachy pink shade (available on Amazon.com here).  This is the only color in the collection that has a slightly different consistency.  It required three coats for full coverage and it has a very, very subtle shimmer.  I should also mention that this color faded to a lighter shade of pink over time.  It didn’t stay as peachy.  None of the other colors in this collection had any fading issues.

Chickettes.com - Peaceful Harmony from the bmc Oasis CollectionThe b.m.c. Oasis Collection can be purchased at BundleMonster.com, or on Amazon.com.  The prices are extremely reasonable… in fact they are the least expensive gel polish that I’m aware of.  The colors can be purchased individually for under $6, or you can buy the whole set of six for less than $30!

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11 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Lovely colors! How close is Cafe au Lait to Lechat Down to Earth? It seems like it might be a lighter version?

  2. Maria says:

    Does Darling Delight tend to fade?

  3. Christina says:

    I was thinking about ordering some gel polishes from amazon, but some of the reviews on there said that the polish is a little gloppy and too thick, did you experience this problem at all?

  4. Christina says:

    Fantastic! I did end up ordering the “moment in time” collection, and I’m excited for their arrival. Can’t beat 5 full size gels for 30 bucks

  5. Jessi says:

    Hi, i would like to know if at first i have to put a base coat or a gel foundation because with the base coat my nails dosen’t during more than 3 days. Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      Foundation and base coat are the same thing. You definitely need a base coat since that’s what bonds the gel polish to your nail.

  6. nele says:

    How long is the BMC Gellisch last on the nails? is it also 2 weeks or more?