2013 Holiday Wishlist & Gift Ideas

holiday-wishlistIs it really that time of year again?  How quickly time is flying!  Every Thanksgiving my family starts asking what everyone wants for Christmas, so I create my lists (I write out lists for everything).  I have a list of people that I need to buy for and ideas and budget for each person, and then my own personal wishlist.  Since many of the items on my wishlist are nail or beauty related I thought I’d share it with you.


Let’s start with the nail wishlist… it really isn’t terribly long since I lack impulse control and usually buy myself what I want.  These are mostly nail stamping-related products. There are a few plate collections that I haven’t broken down and purchased yet, and I really want some good full coverage stamping polishes in a variety of colors. The Konad brand is simply the best. I’m only showing one Konad color here as an example, but I would like any Konad colors. The China Glaze Romantique collection is also awesome for stamping. I have the silver & gold colors, but really want the brighter colors from this set.

I also listed a little bead organizer. I thought this would be great for organizing my loose glitters since I have them all in little individual baggies.  And there are a couple of OPI Gelcolor collections that I would love to own.


I love makeup sets, and the Sephora sampler sets. Of course I don’t NEED these, but I like them. I also really want a new makeup brush set, and I desperately need a new flat iron since the I one I use now is falling to pieces.

I also love MAC cosmetics and need refills on two of my daily staples, NC25 Studio Fix powder plus foundation and the Fix + finisher.

Other Non-Beauty Items:

I want new bedding and would love a down comforter and duvet set. I haven’t selected a duvet pattern yet, but since my bedroom walls are dark blue I think I’d like something bright and bold.

I’m also an avid gardener and start all of my plants from seed in the winter months. I already own one of these grow lights, but would love another since one isn’t enough to provide light for all of my little seedlings, and a greenhouse is the next step. A portable one will have to do until I have enough land to build a permanent structure. :)  Some day!

Gift Cards:

Another gift idea that you can’t go wrong with… gift cards. I mostly shop at Amazon.com, Sally Beauty Supply and The Limited!

4 Responses

  1. KD says:

    I want an in-ground greenhouse. They are supposed to be way more economical to build. I just need a bigger backyard… by like an acre lol

    • Andrea says:

      Ooh, I’ve never heard of an in-ground greenhouse. Now I have to look it up. My yard is way too small for anything permanent, but someday I hope to have enough land to build a greenhouse and setup some bee hives!

  2. Kris Barry says:

    Just discovered your blog and gel nail polish. I own a greenhouse business
    And my nails are genereally a wreck! Got the sensationail kit
    And am looking forward to getting some gelish colors- based on your
    Great swatches! Hoping this growing season my nails stay beautiful!
    Good luck starting your seeds-I’ll head to the greenhouse in 2 weeks
    To start seeding for spring. :-)

    • Andrea says:

      Yay, another fellow gardener! :) People always ask me how I can dig in the dirt as much as I do and still have nice nails. Gel polish and gloves is my answer, though half the time I don’t even wear my gardening gloves. Good luck with your gel manis!