Gelish Trends: #PartyGirlProblems, Getting Gritty with It & Are You Feeling it?

Gelish Trends: #PartyGirlProblems, Getting Gritty with It & Are You Feeling it? 16

The Gelish Trends seem to be making their way into online stores and I picked up a few more this week.  These three polishes are all glitter toppers and are glitter suspended in a clear base.  They can be applied over a base color for a little extra bling, or you can wear them on(…)


VIDEO: Gel Polish Stash & Work Station Update 16

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been crazy busy with work and holiday stuff. I have a few new Gelish Trends that I’ll be swatching very soon and I keep hoping that the Gelish Snow Escape collection will be available for sale any day now so that I can work on those(…)

Red & Gold Chevron Holiday Nails

Red & Gold Chevron Holiday Nails 8

This is the manicure that I wore to a formal holiday party last evening. My dress was black, white and red and I wanted to add a little more red to the mix on my nails and gold was the perfect accent. My thumb and ring finger have two coats of Gelish Meet the King(…)

Gelish Wicked & Simpler Sheer Swatches

Gelish Wicked & Simpler Sheer Swatches 2

Gelish Wicked isn’t at all what I thought it would be.  All of the color pops I’ve seen show a golden yellow color with sparkle.  The swatch below is three coats of Wicked, which is a very sheer tan color with a subtle shimmer finish and some micro glitters.  Hmm… this really doesn’t do anything(…)

Gelish 2013 “Winter Reds” Swatches

Gelish 2013 “Winter Reds” Swatches 22

The last couple of years Gelish has released a set of reds called “Winter Reds”.  The 2013 set includes five shades of red.  Note that these are existing colors and are not new shades.  Below are my swatches of each of the 2013 Winter Reds.  Hot Rod and Red Roses are pretty similar colors –(…)

Glittery Snowflake Nails – Take 2

Glittery Snowflake Nails – Take 2 9

Last year I created this glittery snowflake design that was pretty popular with over 5,000 pins on Pinterest.  I decided to try to recreate the look for this winter/holiday season, and I wanted to see if I could improve upon it.  I love the glittery goodness of this manicure!  There were a lot of steps(…)

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