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Gelish Backstage Beauty Swatch

Gelish – Backstage Beauty

This is Backstage Beauty from the new House of Gelish Collection.  It’s similar to Rose Garden, but not a dupe.

House of Gelish - New Fall 2012 Collection

House of Gelish – New Colors

Here’s my first mani with some of the new House of Gelish colors.  The light grey is Cashmere Kind of Gal, the dark grey is Fashion Week Chic, and the blue is My Favorite Accessory.  I love these colors, and they look really great together.  You can see swatches...

Chickettes.com: Orly Go Deeper Swatch

Orly Go Deeper Swatch

Oh yea… I have a new favorite sparkle polish.  This is Orly Go Deeper.  The glitter goes on so smoothly and evenly and it has just the right amount of tint in the base.  I had pretty even coverage with 2 coats, but I went for three for the...

Chickettes.com: House of Gelish Fall 2012 Collection Color Swatches

House of Gelish – Fall 2012 Collection

The new House of Gelish Collection has just been released!  These are really chic colors.  I purchased my collection on ebay and prepared the swatches below as soon as I got my shipment so that I could share the colors with you.  I love, love, love the blue!  Each...

Chickettes.com: How to Remove Sparkle Polish

How to Remove Sparkle / Glitter Polish

The first time I tried removing sparkle polish the traditional way it took almost 30 minutes and I was extremely frustrated. It was like rubbing a wet cotton ball on coarse sandpaper… not very effective.  I previously wrote an article on how to remove gel nail polish, and wondered...